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The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine are: good ultrasonic cleaning effect and simple operation. The sound that people hear is a sound wave signal with a frequency of 20-20000Hz. Sound waves higher than 20000Hz are called ultrasonic waves. The transmission of sound waves propagates longitudinally in accordance with sinusoidal curves, producing a large number of small bubbles. One reason is that the local tensile stress in the liquid forms a negative pressure. The reduction of the pressure causes the gas dissolved in the liquid to be supersaturated and escape from the liquid to become small bubbles. Another reason is that the strong tensile stress "tears" the liquid into a cavity, which is called cavitation.
The purpose of using the cleaning agent is to break the connection between the oil and the workpiece, so the simple use of water is not up to the effect of thorough cleaning. The main purpose of ultrasonic cavitation is also auxiliary ultrasonic cleaning agent for cleaning. The water-based ultrasonic cleaning agent contains a variety of ingredients to achieve the best cleaning effect, which can help reduce the surface tension of the liquid and thus increase the cavitation intensity. In addition, the ultrasonic cleaning liquid generally contains wetting agents or surfactants. For users, choose the appropriate cleaning fluid for the effective cleaning of the workpiece has a multiplier effect, the best choice of professional ultrasonic cleaning agent manufacturers to consult the purchase.
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