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High-end cleaning agent manufacturers tell you the difference between hydrocarbon cleaning agent and traditional cleaning agent?

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent is an organic solvent cleaning agent. What is a solvent cleaner? The organic solvent cleaning agent refers to an organic solvent containing no water in the composition, and the hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a cleaning agent composed only of carbon and hydrogen as a main body. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent has good environmental characteristics and cleaning ability. Under the condition that the state gradually restricts and finally completely eliminates ODS (ozone destroying substances) cleaning agents, hydrocarbon cleaning agents are the best organic solvents to replace and eliminate ODS at present. Hydrocarbon cleaning technology combining hydrocarbon cleaning agent with vacuum cleaning dryer has become the mainstream of cleaning industry. In response to the national call, our Jiangxi Ruisibo New Materials Co., Ltd. produces environmentally friendly high-end cleaning agents and hydrocarbon cleaning agents, of which RSB-809 environmentally friendly solvent cleaning agents belong to hydrocarbon cleaning agents, which are widely used for precision cleaning of surface oil stains such as various mechanical processing hardware parts, mobile phones, computers and other precision stamping parts, household appliances (such as air conditioning motor rotors), as well as maintenance of mechanical equipment parts and oil stains such as plastic products. Environmentally friendly hydrocarbon cleaning agent 1. Good cleaning performance: Hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a non-polar petroleum fraction, which is used together with most stamping oil, pickling oil and machining oil. According to the principle of similar compatibility, the effect of hydrocarbon cleaning agent in cleaning mineral oil is better than that of halogenated hydrocarbon and water-based cleaning agent. The evaporation loss is small: the boiling point of hydrocarbon cleaning agent is generally above 160 ℃. During use and storage, the air loss of 40~80 ℃ is much smaller than that of halogenated hydrocarbons, and the sealing requirements of packaging and equipment are very low. 3. Non-toxic: After toxicology tests, the inhalation toxicity, oral toxicity and skin contact toxicity of hydrocarbon cleaning agents are low toxicity, and are not carcinogenic substances. Halocarbons are safer for cleaning operators than halocarbons. 4. Good material compatibility: Hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a non-polar petroleum fraction with most stamping oil, pickling oil and machining oil. According to the principle of similar compatibility, the effect of hydrocarbon cleaning agent in cleaning mineral oil is better than that of halogenated hydrocarbon and water-based cleaning agent. 5. Completely volatile without residue: hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a very pure refined solvent, which can be completely volatilized without any residue under normal temperature heating. 6. Environmental protection: Hydrocarbon cleaning agents can be naturally degraded, and cleaning waste liquid can be put into coal or burned in oil-fired boilers. Incineration products are mainly carbon dioxide and water, which will not pollute the air. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent does not contain chlorine, the damage coefficient of ozone is zero. 7. Short-term anti-rust function: The workpiece after hydrocarbon cleaning has a certain anti-rust function, and the anti-rust time is greater than or equal to 48H; Traditional cleaning agent 1. Washable but discharged wastewater: □ In the case of increasingly stringent environmental protection, traditional cleaners have discharge requirements, and professional environmental protection equipment is required for treatment before discharge, and the cost is relatively high. Among them, acidic cleaners are harmful to the human body; 2. High energy consumption: Compared with hydrocarbon cleaning agent, the traditional cleaning agent has higher requirements for drying, so the energy consumption is large and the drying time is also high. relatively long; 3. No rust: traditional cleaners can not achieve short-term anti-rust function after cleaning; 4. Low operation rate: traditional cleaners cannot reach the fully automatic operation mode, which belongs to the manual and automatic operation mode, so the operation rate will be relatively low;





Shenzhen Railway Cleaning Agent Manufacturers

Shenzhen railway cleaning agent wholesale where there is As China's railway department, the Ministry of Railways is very strict with the choice of cleaning agent manufacturers. It is usually very strict to find cleaning agent wholesale. Whether the quality meets the standard, whether the product is green and environmentally friendly, and whether the cleaning agent formulation technology is qualified? Wait. In fact, many local Ministry of Railways cleaning agents wholesale in Ruisibo, because Ruibao cleaning agent is the main research and development unit of China's rail transit cleaning agent, cleaning agent in line with the Ministry of Railways cleaning agent standards. Among them, the Ministry of Railways in a certain area of Shenzhen purchased the high-efficiency cleaning agent for GRB-802 train air conditioning from Ruisibo. Resbo cleaning agent wholesale is different, look I have seen many series of track cleaning agents through Ruisibo's official website. Ruisibo has set up the first rail transit environmental protection cleaning agent engineering technology research center in China, and has carefully developed special high-efficiency cleaning agents for trains. GRB series has become the cleaning agents designated by the Ministry of Railways to purchase, so the wholesale of cleaning agents from the Ministry of Railways has come to Ruisibo. Let's take a look at the process and effect of aluminum fin cleaning agent for train locomotive air conditioning Processing Part Name: Locomotive Air Conditioning Aluminum Fin Material: Aluminum Applicable industry: railway locomotive maintenance Customer's current cleaning equipment, processes and processes: Spray gun cleaning Note: pay attention to control the cleaning fluid and cleaning surface contact time. The high-efficiency cleaning agent for GRB-802 train air conditioner is formulated by a variety of high-quality surfactants, strong penetrating agents, oil stain solubilizers, special protective agents for aluminum materials, brighteners, and deionized water. It is used for cleaning heavy oil pollution such as air-conditioning shell, air-conditioning wing, bogie, air pump radiator, motor shell, wheel hub, etc. of motor car, subway (including light rail) train and maglev train. ☆ The product can effectively remove aluminum and its alloy surface oxides and mildew spots while removing surface oil stains, making the aluminum surface smooth as new. ☆ The product contains strong penetrant and special oil stain solubilizer, which is especially suitable for rapid stripping and cleaning of heavy oil and grease on the surface of steel, aluminum and other metals at normal temperature. The operation process is simple, low foam, easy to rinse, no residue. ☆ The product is strongly alkaline, but contains a special metal corrosion inhibitor, which is safe to use and does not damage the material matrix. ☆ Product environmental protection, high efficiency, economy and safety.





Yang Guiping, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, visited our company for investigation and guidance.

On November 3, Yang Guiping, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, visited our company for research and guidance. Deputy Mayor Xu Shaorong, Secretary of the District Party Working Committee Zhang Jun, and Director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology He Min accompanied the investigation. Yang Guiping and his entourage came to the exhibition hall and workshop of Jiangxi Ruisibo New Materials Co., Ltd. to learn more about the company's business development, product application, project construction, etc., and had a cordial conversation with Yi Xiaobin, the chairman of our company, and carefully asked our company about the development. The difficulties and problems encountered, and encourage our company to maintain confidence and determination, accelerate technological innovation, product innovation, and enhance corporate competitiveness. Yang Guiping pointed out that it is necessary to effectively improve ideological understanding and service awareness, further increase assistance to enterprises, create a good business environment, and promote the development and growth of enterprises; enterprises must grasp the construction period, grab the progress, and reverse the construction period according to the established time node to ensure The project is completed and put into production on schedule; it is necessary to continuously explore and innovate, improve the allocation of enterprise development elements, and accelerate the upgrading of enterprises by improving technology and strengthening management; it is necessary to increase market promotion, create distinctive brands, continuously improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.





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