The company signed a contract with the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences to build a key laboratory of high-end industrial cleaning core materials.

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From November 26 to 28, the 2020 Jiangxi Yichun Industrial Technology Docking Conference was successfully held in Yichun. The opening ceremony was presided over by Lan Yaqing, deputy mayor of the municipal government. Rao Liping, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, Chen Weirong, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and director of the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, and Tao Yuanxing, chairman of the China Technology Market Association, delivered speeches respectively. Municipal Standing Committee, Organization Minister Yu Zhengkun issued Yichun City talent service card. More than 180 well-known experts from more than 20 national scientific research institutes and universities, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University and Beijing University of science and technology, gathered in Yichun to build a platform and overcome technical problems.

At the conference, Jiangxi Ruisbo New Materials Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the R & D team of Professor Wang Yilin of the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly build "China Intelligent Manufacturing-Key Laboratory of High-end Industrial Cleaning Core Materials".

The two sides had fruitful negotiations on personnel training, technology research and development, process improvement, inspection and testing system construction and so on. Professor Wang Yilin's R & D team, entered the exhibition hall, checked the laboratory, etc., and had a detailed understanding of the enterprise's R & D system, laboratory construction, and production status.