Ethanol gasoline will be fully popularized on October 1. Are you ready?

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According to regulations, before and after the use of ethanol gasoline, it is necessary to clean the oil circuit of fuel vehicles that have been driving for a long time, and as many as millions of motor vehicles in the province are facing "clearing the lungs". So, what is ethanol gasoline? Will fuel consumption be high? Is it troublesome to clean the oil circuit for motor vehicles?Next, follow the small make up one by one to give you the answer!




What is Ethanol Gasoline?


First of all, I would like to explain to you, what is ethanol gasoline? It is not what ordinary people imagine is blended with industrial alcohol and gasoline, you think it is blended with fake wine, so simple.

Ethanol gasoline is blended with 90% ordinary gasoline and 10% fuel ethanol according to our national standards. Like ordinary gasoline, it is also divided into four labels, but an E mark is added to the label, namely E89, E92, E95 and E98.



Ethanol is a renewable resource. Fuel ethanol in our country is generally fermented from daily foods such as sorghum and corn. This can save some oil resources, but also can promote the enthusiasm of agricultural production.


Under the premise of energy conservation and environmental protection,The majority of car owners are still very concerned about the fuel consumption of ethanol gasoline, and then answer the fuel consumption of ethanol gasoline.




Will switching to ethanol gasoline increase fuel consumption?


Some people have calculated that at present, our country is promoting ethanol gasoline with the label E10, which is composed of 90% gasoline and 10% fuel ethanol. Its calorific value is theoretically 3.8 different from that of ordinary gasoline. That is to say, if a box of ordinary gasoline can run 500 kilometers, adding E10 ethanol gasoline can only run 480 kilometers.


However, experts believe that the above algorithm is only a theoretical estimate and misses three key factors:


First of all, fuel ethanol itself is an oxygen-containing additive, which can help gasoline burn more fully. Secondly, ordinary gasoline is often added with an additive called MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether), which means that ordinary gasoline is not pure gasoline with a content of 100%, which balances out the calorific value loss caused by adding fuel ethanol. In addition, fuel ethanol increases the octane number of gasoline, this is of positive significance to improve the power and economic performance of gasoline.


So on the whole, the fuel consumption of ethanol gasoline is basically the same as that of ordinary gasoline, and it depends more on factors such as vehicle conditions and driving habits.




Will the car power drop?


The person in charge of the Shanxi Petroleum Branch of Sinopec Sales said that compared with ordinary gasoline, the combustion value and calorific value of ethanol gasoline are different. The calorific value of ethanol gasoline mixed by 10% is about 3.8 less than that of ordinary gasoline. However, the increase in oxygen content of ethanol gasoline increased its heat by about 2.3 percent. Therefore, the two offset, the use of ethanol gasoline only brings little power loss, the daily use of basic can not feel.




Can ethanol gasoline and regular gasoline be mixed?


The answer is yes, but don't do it often. Ethanol gasoline and ordinary gasoline mixed together will not hurt the car, but the performance of the vehicle will be affected. The antiknock performance of the mixed oil is slightly increased.


Ethanol gasoline and regular gasoline mixed together, the octane number of gasoline, will become an inaccurate range of values. To use an image analogy, if you add cola and sprite to white wine, the main body of the mixed product is still wine, but the taste is milder. The truth is the same, ethanol gasoline and ordinary gasoline mixed, the main body or ordinary gasoline, but the octane number is not so accurate.


If you have to mix, you can choose ethanol gasoline with close labels, that is, No. 92 ethanol gasoline and No. 92 ordinary gasoline, which has less impact on the engine.




Is ethanol gasoline harmful to vehicles?


Many small partners have heard people say that "ethanol gasoline is not good, it will corrode the engine". In fact, we don't have to worry about this. Now many manufacturers have considered the problem of ethanol gasoline and strengthened the engine to improve the tolerance. Now basically all cars can be added with our national standard ethanol gasoline. If you are not at ease, you can look through your user manual, which will be introduced in it. The old car for the first time to use ethanol gasoline, it is recommended to check or clean the fuel tank, oil system.


What I want to remind everyone is that the shelf life of ethanol gasoline is shorter than that of ordinary gasoline (generally only 1 month shelf life). After the shelf life is exceeded, water and oil stratification are prone to occur. Once this happens, the gasoline pump can only extract the bottom of the fuel tank. Ethanol may cause the vehicle to fail to start. Therefore, add ethanol gasoline must choose a reliable quality gas station, and remember a small number of times.




ethanol gasoline filling before the need to pay attention to what?


First of all, figure out what kind of motor vehicle needs to clean the oil circuit.


Cars used for a long time have carbon deposits in the fuel tank, piston top and intake valve. The ethanol in ethanol gasoline has a strong cleaning effect. It will dissolve these carbon deposits, dirt, and colloidal particles and mix them into the oil. It may cause the oil delivery system to be blocked and affect the normal operation of the engine, that is to say, the "gas kick" has no power, so the oil circuit must be cleaned.


Changzhi City Transportation Bureau on the announcement of the city's vehicle

Notice of Cleaning and Maintenance Units of Ethanol Gasoline Vehicles


According to the requirements of "pilot first and comprehensive implementation", our city has been identified by the provincial government as a pilot city in Shanxi Province to promote the use of vehicle ethanol gasoline. From October 1, 2019, our city began to fully promote the use of ethanol gasoline for vehicles. On a voluntary basis, cleaning adjustments are encouraged for vehicles that use ethanol gasoline for vehicles for the first time. In order to better serve the society and meet the needs of consumers, according to the notice of the Changzhi Municipal People's Government Office on the promotion and use of ethanol gasoline for vehicles in our city, motor vehicle maintenance companies that meet the qualifications for vehicle cleaning and maintenance operations are now announced.