Two common types of cleaning agents and anti-rust problems

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Two common types of cleaning agents and anti-rust questions:

The first category is the cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment:
It is mainly used for cleaning, degreeling, anti-rust treatment, scale cleaning, anti-rust, cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment after a period of application. There are various types of machinery and equipment: such as industrial equipment, electrical equipment, high-precision electronic products, water system software, machinery and equipment, various equipment, special equipment safety, etc. It is difficult to have one or two typesCleaning agentIt is possible to deal with the problems of this kind of machinery and equipment, which requires technical expertise in the production and manufacturing industry.Cleaning agentThe manufacturer develops various types of products to meet the needs of the sales market. In the selection of products, can symptomatic treatment, choose the right product is important to solve the difficulties.

The second category is a series of product cleaning agents used in the whole process of production and manufacturing:
Because the production process of manufacturing is different. Cleaning requirements and cleaning objectives are not the same, so there is a lot to do in the selection of appropriate products, the general situation to the selection of products when the following types of elements must be taken into account:

1. Water-based cleaning agent or organic solvent cleaning agent should be selected:

If the cleaning target requires fast evaporation and anti-rust requirements, the selection of organic solvent cleaning agent can be considered, Ruibao IndustryCleaning agentThe GQ-100 and RSB-809 products are all ideal products, and the oil removal ability of these products is strong.
If it is stipulated that the cleaning cost is low, the evaporation of the cleaning is not stipulated, and the anti-rust is not sensitive, the water-based cleaning agent can be selected. Such as: Ruibao industrial cleaning agent RSB-102, RSB-103, RSB-105 and other types of products

2, is the choice of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning or self-spray cleaning:

This is also paid attention to when selecting cleaning agents. If water-based cleaning agents are cleaned in ultrasonic cleaning machines, they are not particularly sensitive to foam plastic regulations, while spray percolation will have regulations on foam plastic, and the regulations are low-foam oil removal and oil removal.Cleaning agentThis provides for the selection of a low-foam degreaser type of product, which is suitable for selection.RSB-103 low-foam antirust metal cleanerFor self-spray cleaning (self-spray cleaning varies with the working pressure of self-spray, and the regulations for foam plastics are also different. The higher the working pressure of self-spray, the lower the regulation of low foam. At this stage, the self-spray cleaning machine applied by the company The working pressure is generally about 3-20KG). However, there is also a difference. For low-foaming cleaning agents, because many excellent surface active agents cannot be selected, its ability to remove oil and oil is relatively poor, and its actual cleaning effect is difficult to achieve the actual effect of high-foaming cleaning agents. This must be comprehensively considered when selecting cleaning agents. Everything is beneficial and harmful, and its cleaning ability is strong.

3. After cleaning, it is required to prevent rust or not. This is also a difficult problem to consider:

The cleaning agent selected for the cleaning of the manufacturing process is generally water-based.Cleaning agentFor the leading, due to the low cost of water-based products, more economic development, water-based cleaning agent if it does not have anti-rust effect will accelerate the corrosion of metal composite materials, because after cleaning, the protective layer of the surface will be removed to accelerate the rust. If there are regulations on rust prevention, water with rust prevention effect should be selected.Cleaning agent, in the selection should be based on the company's details of the appropriate selection. The same benefit is also a disadvantage, if the water-based products to lift some of the ingredients with rust, this ingredient may reduce the water.Cleaning agentThe cleaning effect, its cleaning power is likely to be reduced.

4, in the selection of products, choose to haveCleaning agentThe participation of the manufacturer's technical consulting staff is a very good method. For example, Ruibao cleaning agent produced by Ruisibo has service outlets in major cities across the country, and technical problems can be consulted at any time.