Analysis of Problems in the Development of Domestic Industrial Cleaning Agents

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1. cleaning agent industry development problems

(1) the current contradictions in the cleaning agent industry

First, it is urgent to raise the threshold of entry. Second, there are not many brand enterprises. Third, the industry standards behind. Fourth, it is urgent to develop environmentally friendly cleaning technology.
(2) the main reasons for the formation of contradictions

First, due to the current domestic cleaning agent industry there is a multi-management, fragmentation phenomenon, so the industry protection, disorderly competition, engineering service quality varies widely.
Second, because there is no entry threshold for the industry, the cleaning industry is dominated by individual enterprises, accounting for nearly 60 to 70%, and showing a sharp rise. Among these enterprises, there are a number of technologies and equipment that do not have large-scale cleaning agents, but they can disturb the bidding of the project at an absolute low price.
Third, the current standards that domestic industrial cleaning agent companies can refer to and implement are all relevant standards promulgated by the Ministry of Chemical Industry and other departments in the 1980 s and 1990 s, which are far from meeting the requirements of the times.
Fourth, with the deterioration of the global environment, the development of new environmentally friendly, pollution-free, low-cost green cleaning technology has become an inevitable development trend and competitive conditions for the cleaning agent industry.

Analysis of Five Forces Model of 2. Cleaning Agent Industry

1. Competition among existing enterprises

At present, the degree of specialization of China's industrial cleaning agent industry itself is constantly improving, and the research of cleaning agent technology has also been rapidly improved with the development of society. This is a rare opportunity for China's cleaning industry, and "Internet +" has added a new development path to the cleaning agent industry. At the same time, a large number of professional detergent companies came into being, which intensified the competition in the industrial chain.
2. Analysis of potential entrants

At present, the industrial cleaning agent industry is facing a greater threat of new entrants, mainly in: industrial cleaning agent industry market development space is larger, the formation of new entrants to attract
At present, the application proportion of domestic industrial cleaning agents and the United States, Japan and other developed countries are still far from each other. If the market application proportion of industrial cleaning industry in developed countries is combined with the current situation of industrial cleaning in China, the development potential of domestic industrial cleaning industry is huge.
3, Substitute Threat Analysis

In terms of the existing alternative products of industrial cleaning agents, the current industrial production process, due to various reasons, equipment

(towers, heat exchangers, tank vessels, reactors, etc.) and pipelines will produce dirt, such as polymers, coking, oil, deposits, corrosion products, etc. These dirt make the equipment and pipeline failure, production efficiency decreased, energy consumption, material consumption increased, serious can make the process interruption, the device was forced to stop production, resulting in economic losses, and even a vicious accident. Nowadays, it is impossible to completely avoid the generation of dirt. A cleaning has become an indispensable link in industrial production, especially in petroleum and chemical production. So the current industrial cleaning industry is not easy to be replaced.

4. Bargaining power of suppliers

At present, the domestic industrial cleaning agent industry is in the development stage. In the process of industrial production, the dirt generated in the equipment (tower, heat exchanger, tank container, reactor, etc.) and pipelines need to be cleaned. However, with the continuous development of cleaning technology, there are thousands of large and small enterprises in the industry, and the industry has strong bargaining power.
5, customer bargaining power.

For the industrial cleaning industry, there are many brands in the industry, and the product performance difference between brands of the same grade is not big, which gives the buyer more choice. In addition, the competitive strategy of enterprises in the industry to expand market share by reducing prices also brings benefits to consumers. Overall, the industrial cleaning agent industry to consumers bargaining power is weak.