Development Status of Domestic and Foreign Industrial Cleaning Agent Market

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The world's industrial production of cleaning products has gradually formed a relatively complete industrial body since the Second World War.Department, Number 10 In recent years, due to the continuous progress of science and technology and the rapid development of petroleum, chemical industry and humanThe urgent need for cleaning supplies, the world's cleaning supplies production to rapid development. In Europe and the United States and other developed countriescleaning has become a part of improving people's quality of life. Continuous Improvement of Cleaning Technology and Cleaning Agent FormulationIt also provides the necessary conditions for the improvement of its market space. According to statistics, there are about 8000 Home cleaningSupplies suppliers, of which developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan account 2/3ratio, whose annual output value exceeds 500 billionYuan. Existing in China 4000 Home cleaning supplies manufacturers, distributors and agents. Industrial and commercial useThe end-user of the cleaning supplies for the use of 500 Millions of homes, not including hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens.The cleaning products used.

World cleaner consumption in 70 To 80 The fastest growth during the s,90 Since the 1990 s, the market growth of developed countries has stabilized, but the development of developing countries such as Asia Pacific and Latin America is growing at a high speed.2009 YearBreakthrough in total cleaning supplies in the world 5000 million tons(including civil cleaners and industrial cleanersThe world's annual per capita consumption.Fee amount approx. 7.9Kilograms. expected 21 By the middle of the century, the world's demand for cleaning supplies will rise 1 billion-1.2In addition to partly due to population growth, there are still huge potential markets in some developing countries.

2. Development Status of Domestic Industrial Cleaning Agent Market


  1. Industry development overview


China's cleaning industry started late, Although there is no shortage of internationally renowned enterprises such as Blue Star Cleaning, the wholeThe physical strength is still relatively weak and there are many problems. Due to the current domestic cleaning industry there is a multi-head management, fragmentation phenomenon, so the industry protection, disorderly competition, engineering service quality is uneven.All are, the entry threshold needs to be raised. This situation will continue.

  1. Industry development characteristics


Since there is no entry threshold for the industry, the cleaning industry is dominated by individual enterprises, accounting for nearly 6070%, And showed a sharp upward trend, a number of these enterprises do not have the relevant standards issued by cleaning and other departments, has been The classics are far from meeting the requirements of the times. With the deterioration of the global environment, the development of new environmentally friendly, non-polluting, low-cost This green cleaning technology has become the inevitable development trend and competitive conditions of the cleaning industry, environmentally friendly cleaning technology is urgent. To be developed. China's current stage is the coexistence of traditional cleaning methods and professional cleaning technology and equipment for large-scale projects, But it can disrupt the bidding of the project at an absolute low price. There are not many brand enterprises and the industry standards are backward. according to At present, the standards that domestic industrial cleaning enterprises can refer to and implement are still the Ministry of Chemical Industry in the 1980 s and 1990 s. period of co-existence of patterns. Due to the huge domestic market, foreign cleaning industry manufacturers have entered the Chinese marketBeach landing, bringing sophisticated equipment, high-quality cleaning agents and advanced cleaning technology, traditional cleaning methodsWill gradually withdraw from the market competition.

  1. Industry operation

As industrial cleaners are an early opening of China's petrochemical market, it is a line with low technical barriers.It is also attracting more and more foreign companies to invest. In a large number of domestic and international capital have enteredDuring the period, the cleaning agent industry set off a round of upsurge, so it also caused China's industrial cleaning agent industry to become a group.Male deer competition arena. As a result, it also brings the prosperity of China's entire industrial cleaning agent industry.

Although on the surface it seems that the cleaning agent industry is prosperous, in fact, behind this prosperity, due to foreignIndustrial cleaning agent brand preconceived, so also caused China's industrial cleaning agent products in the short term is difficult to fully occupyHigh-end cleaning agent market. However, due to the domestic industrial cleaning agent manufacturers after years of development of product quality and importCleaning agent products can be comparable. At present, industrial cleaning agent manufacturers have successfully achieved industrial mass production, and in the whole.The country's distribution regions are fully applied. From the use of testing and industrial application of the effect, cost-effective, economicAll can be compared with similar foreign imported products.

Secondly, our countryIndustrial cleaning agentThe industry itself lacks a corresponding management and supervision body, relying solely onThe regulatory role of the industrial cleaning agent market itself will inevitably lead to copycat rampant, and the rights and interests of customers cannot be guaranteed.The problem;At the same time, the introduction of new environmentally friendly industrial cleaning agents is not strong enough, and there are really new technologies and creative production.There are very few products, but behind the booming market, it is for the wholeIndustrial cleaning agentThe industry's regression buried the hiddensuffer.

  1. industry competition pattern

Under the planned economic system, the national industrial layout and the market economic system after the reform and opening up two factorsThe common role of China's cleaning industry has formed a number of distinctive production enterprises, representative enterprises in their respectiveThe product field has a strong competitive advantage, including: Bluestar cleaning as the representative of the engineering cleaning; Seven Star Huachuang as the representative of the precision cleaning equipment ultrasonic production base; Xi'an Gaoke as the representative of the aircraft cleaning.Production base; industrial chemistry represented by Huayang Ensay Co., Ltd. and Sanda Oak Chemical Co., Ltd.Cleaning agent production base.

in the domesticCleaning agentIn the market, there are various types of enterprises 2,000 Many, in general, can be dividedState-owned enterprises, emerging private enterprises, foreign investment.Joint ventureCompanies and other camps. Although the number of production enterprises is large,95%The manufacturers can not meet the requirements of economies of scale, the equipment level is poor, the technical level and quality of products are stable.Sex is low. As the cleaning industry has not yet established an effective management mechanism, vicious competition and low-level duplication of production.The resulting waste of resources is more serious. Currently, annual domestic sales revenue exceeds 5000 Ten thousand yuan of cleaning enterprises

Industry about 10 Home, hundreds of millions of yuan of cleaning enterprises 2 Home. A typical cleaning agent manufacturer has a Blue Star cleaning unit.Ltd., Huayang Ensay Co., Ltd., Sanda Oak Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhongnan Applied Science and Technology.Institute of Technology, etc.

From the perspective of the industry competition pattern, the emerging private enterprises have flexible mechanisms, strong market awareness and innovation awareness, and strong transportation.High operating efficiency, the rapid rise in the domestic cleaning products market, has become an important force affecting the development of the industry,.In the low level of technology, can only occupy the traditional industrial cleaning market, and for high-tech products industrial cleaning market, The current occupancy is quite low. Foreign-funded enterprises, with the help of capital, technology, brand and other advantages, seize the high-end market of China's cleaning industry, and gradually become the leading force in the field of high-end, sophisticated and cutting-edge products.