Analysis of ODS elimination in cleaning industry in Japan

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(1) Overview of ODS phase-out

Japan began to restrict ODS production and circulation in 1989 and completely eliminated ODS by the end of 1995.
(2) Alternative technology and product development

1)hydrocarbon cleaning agentthe development

The residual solvents obtained by distillation of crude oil are petroleum, petroleum hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon systems, hydrocarbons, industrial gasoline and other terms, the definition of which is still unclear. Hydrocarbons, as the name suggests, are just compounds composed of two elements. Previously, the lamp oil obtained by distillation and refining of crude oil was simply used as a directCleaning agentDue to the odor, ignition and dryness, it has gradually not been used.
     hydrocarbon cleaning agentWith good environmental characteristics and cleaning ability, it has gradually become an important class.Industrial cleaning agentOne.
hydrocarbon cleaning agentIt is a non-toxic, efficient and environmentally friendly new cleaning agent, and it is a cleaning agent that the country vigorously promotes. From the call of the country to the response, and now many companies began to use environmentally friendly cleaning agents, thus giving birth to a large number of people engaged inEnvironmental cleaning agentIn 1997, the sales enterprises vigorously responded to the national policy and launched: hydrocarbon high-efficiency cleaning agent (called carbonized water element abroad), which is a hydrocarbon industrial cleaning agent, has reduced its harm to human body and environment to a minimum and conforms to WEEE and ROHS standards. Disadvantages of hydrocarbon cleaning agents: The most worrying thing is that the flash point of hydrocarbon cleaning agents is low and flammable. Although hydrocarbon cleaning agent has many advantages, but compared with ODS cleaning agent, its high boiling point (150~190 ℃) and low flash point (50~70 ℃). Although the higher boiling point can reduce the volatile loss of the cleaning agent during storage, transportation and use, it also greatly reduces the drying speed of the workpiece after cleaning.Cleaning agentRegeneration by distillation becomes difficult. The lower flash point increases the fire protection requirements in cleaning, drying and distillation regeneration.