Development Status of Cleaning Agents in China in 2020

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Current Situation of 1. Cleaning Industry

With the gradual strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and the establishment and improvement of relevant environmental regulations, the problem of environmental cleaning agents has become an important issue to be solved for the sustainable development of the cleaning industry. This requires us to strengthen the research on new cleaning technologies and develop pollution-free green cleaning technologies to meet the requirements of modern society for cleaning.
With the advancement of technology, new, environmentally friendly, efficient and has unique advantages of physical cleaning, such as high-pressure water jet cleaning, PIG cleaning, pulse cleaning, dry ice cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and laser cleaning will occupy the main position in China's cleaning industry, its prospects must be bright. The research and development of new green chemical cleaning technology, the realization of the cleaning process of fine, functional, integrated direction, the development of high efficiency, low cost, green environmental protection, the realization of the process of non-cleaning, non-dismantling or online cleaning is the future development direction of chemical cleaning. In order to further carry out cleaning effectively, it is necessary to develop cleaning software, on the basis of expert system decision cleaning scheme, gradually establish mathematical model and program system software, in the computer processing will easily determine the best cleaning scheme, cleaning agent formula and waste liquid discharge treatment method.

Overall Technical Status of 2. Industry

At present, China's cleaning agent industry is still in the stage of production and industrialization, and there is still much room for improvement in the technical level. The formula of the cleaning agent is relatively simple, the corrosion inhibition technology and the operation technology level are relatively backward, the quality of the employees is generally low, the physical cleaning is primitive, the cleaning industry is mainly based on the development of chemical cleaning, the overall cleaning level is low, far behind the cleaning capacity of developed countries, far from meeting the needs of the domestic market.
However, with the gradual maturity of the industry, the development of the cleaning industry is booming, the market is very optimistic, has been the strong support of state organs and large enterprises, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities are also listed. At the same time, with the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the level of cleaning technology in China has been greatly developed and achieved fruitful results. Domestic chemical cleaning technology has gradually developed in the direction of refinement, functionalization and integration, forming many fool-type special cleaning agent products with strong functionality, and the level of cleaning technology has reached and partially exceeded the international advanced level.
On the other hand, foreign new technologies, new equipment and new products related to cleaning directly enter the Chinese market with the opening of the domestic market. Developed countries will reduce the sale of technology to China, and even the implementation of technology monopoly, so that the technology development speed is relatively backward in China's cleaning industry competition is more intense, the difficulty and cost of the introduction of technology will be greater, and the introduction of technology and the original technology has the same field competition, fundamentally subject to the people. However, after joining the WTO, in order to strengthen the competitive strength, China's cleaning will also increase research and development efforts, increase investment in science and technology, make full use of network information resources, research and development of series, functional, personalized, integrated green environmental protection cleaning agent products. Therefore, international competition is the driving force of technological progress.