Auto parts aluminum cleaning agent

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Do you think you can't find a manufacturer of auto parts cleaning agent in Jiangxi?
Among them, some users of Jiangxi industrial cleaning agent said that it was really difficult to find a suitable cleaning agent for auto parts in Jiangxi and worried about the price. this had to recommend risbo auto parts cleaning agent. the price would not worry you. an auto parts group in Jiangxi province purchased Jiangxi risbo auto parts cleaning agent-RSB-108 aluminum cleaning agent.
Below are real examples of our clients.

Galvanized sheet for auto parts

Practical Case of Galvanized Sheet Cleaning for Auto Parts
Treatment Part Name: Galvanized Sheet
Material: galvanized sheet
Applicable industry: auto parts
Customer's current cleaning equipment, processes and processes:
Ultrasonic multi-tank cleaning-water rinsing-drying and drying.
Note: After cleaning, the application of water rinse clean.

Auto parts cleaning agent
Ruibao RSB-108 aluminum cleaning agent is composed of high-quality surfactants, composite penetrants, dispersants, chelating agents, special non-ferrous metal material protection agents, cleaning additives, deionized water, etc. For aluminum and its alloys, galvanized parts surface cutting oil, stamping oil, dust, hand sweat and other dirt cleaning.
1. Decontamination and degreasing are fast, and they have good cleaning ability for grease and dirt.
2. No corrosion to aluminum and its alloys, no dezincification after cleaning galvanized parts, can protect the original luster color of the metal (RSB-108B products do not change color to cast aluminum alloy cleaning).
3. Weak alkaline, low foam, easy to rinse.
4. The product is environmentally friendly, does not contain nitrite, chromate and other ingredients, does not contain heavy metals, the use of safe and reliable.

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