Our company participated in Yichun's first planned share reform enterprise and signed a centralized contract with a counseling brokerage firm.

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On October 15, the kick-off meeting for the promotion of share reform in Yichun city and the centralized signing ceremony between the proposed share reform enterprises and the counseling securities dealers were held in Yichun city. Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yu Xiuming attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wei Xiuchang, Director of the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Tang Libin, Director of the Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau, and Li Jin, General Manager of Jiangxi United Equity Trading Center, attended the meeting to guide. Municipal Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor Cai Qingping presided over the signing ceremony. Yi Xiaobin, chairman of our company, attended the ceremony as a representative of the contracted enterprises.

Yu Xiuming said in his speech

The capital market has a lot to do. Since the implementation of the provincial government's "Yingshanhong Action", the Yichun Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government have attached great importance to the overall coordination of the listing of enterprises, and coordinated and solved the problems encountered in the listing process for listed companies and companies to be listed in multiple forms and channels. Various difficulties and problems. This centralized signing activity of share reform is the first time in our city, which is a major achievement of vigorously promoting the work of enterprise share reform in our city, and is of milestone significance for the formation of a benign and orderly listing reserve echelon in our city. Yichun will cherish this opportunity, concentrate its efforts, gather resources, and integrate policies to help enterprises take the development path of "changing enterprises, raising rules, changing rules and regulations, and listing shares". Guide more high-quality enterprises to become better and stronger with the help of capital market forces.

Yu Xiuming said

The capital market is the most dynamic part of the modern financial system. It is hoped that the majority of enterprises in the city will seize the opportunity, take the initiative, accelerate the stock reform work, actively embrace the capital market, and land in the capital market as soon as possible. It is hoped that major securities institutions will actively participate in the development of the Yichun capital market, excavate and cultivate more outstanding companies to be listed, and do a solid job of listing guidance. At the same time, I also urge the Provincial Financial Supervision Bureau, Jiangxi Securities Regulatory Bureau, and Provincial Stock Exchange Center to continue to care about Yichun, support Yichun, and help Yichun enterprises to go public smoothly.

Yu Xiuming requested

All relevant departments in various localities should conscientiously implement the requirements of the "Yingshanhong Action" for enterprises to be listed, focus on echelon construction and capital market service system, and spare no effort to provide "nanny" services for enterprises. It is necessary to carry forward the working method of "walking on two legs", command at the front and work on the spot, be very clear about the base and demands of the enterprise, come up with solutions that are clear, pragmatic and effective, and make every effort to solve problems for the enterprise. efforts should be made to help enterprises solve bottlenecks such as "one foot in the door" encountered in the process of listing.

Subsequently, under the witness of leaders at all levels, Jiangxi Ruisibo New Materials Co., Ltd. and Century Securities Co., Ltd. signed a share reform counseling agreement. So far, Jiangxi Ruisibo New Materials Co., Ltd. has taken a big step forward in the listing. I believe that under the care and guidance of relevant departments at all levels and the efforts of all employees of the company, our company will be able to complete the share reform and successfully go public on schedule.