Don't you know how to choose industrial cleaning agents? Resibo teaches you

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How to choose correctlyIndustrial cleaning agent
Industrial cleaning refers to the process of regularly or irregularly removing industrial dirt by physical, chemical or biological methods.Industrial cleaning agentShould be selected according to the type of oil cleaning object. According to the cleaning of the oil object is different, the requirements for industrial cleaning agents are not the same. Ruisbo has more than one year's experience in research and development and production of industrial cleaning agents. Today, Ruisbo Xiaobian will share with you how to correctly select industrial cleaning agents.
There are three methods of industrial cleaning agent selection
(1), in the process of processing due to processing requirements (such as cooling, lubrication, abrasive, surface treatment, heat treatment, etc.), so that the metal with a variety of oil. This kind of oil is mostly mineral oil, but also animal and vegetable oil, emulsion, polishing paste, grinding paste and various salts. This kind of oil composition is relatively simple, exists in the metal surface of the time is relatively short, the adhesion is not strong, easy to remove. Therefore, the choice of metal corrosion-free room temperature cleaning agent can be, the other indicators of cleaning agent requirements are not high. In the choice of cleaning agent ingredients, containing aliphatic hydrophobic surfactant for animal and plant oily oil. Hydrophobic-based surfactants containing aromatics are mostly used for mineral oil stains.
(2), long-term storage of machinery, parts and other metal surface of the oil is mostly anti-rust oil, anti-rust grease, gas phase anti-rust agent and water-soluble corrosion inhibitor. Because the composition of this kind of oil is more complex, and metal adhesion, coupled with a long time, the components of volatile, self polymerization, and even physical and chemical changes, cleaning up more difficult. This requires the selection of cleaning agents according to different situations. For the thick layer of anti-rust grease, a kind of oil stain can be unsealed by heating cleaning agent, and then cleaned, which can greatly improve the efficiency of unsealing and cleaning. For thin-layer oil and gas phase corrosion inhibitor, water-soluble corrosion inhibitor, heating or normal temperature two kinds of cleaning agent can be used.
(3), the cleaning object after the operation of the oil generated after use is more complex. This kind of oil is mostly a variety of lubricating oil, fuel oil, etc., plus other industrial dirt, dust, metal powder. Due to the long time, the complexity of the operation and the influence of various factors, this kind of oil composition is complex, firmly attached, and it is difficult to clean. Generally, special cleaning agents should be selected for different oil components. For example, the cleaning of engine carbon deposits should be used to remove carbon deposits. The cleaning of scale should use descaling cleaning agent, etc.
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