Paint remover use methods and precautions

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What ispaint removerWhat?
   paint removerIt is a solvent or paste that can dissolve or swell the coating film. It is mainly composed of solvents with strong dissolving ability and paraffin wax, cellulose, etc.
In the shipbuilding industry, the old coating is mainly removed by mechanical methods such as manual shovel, shot blasting, sand blasting, high-pressure water and abrasive jet, etc. However, for aluminum hull, because the mechanical method is easy to scratch aluminum, sandpaper polishing, paint remover and other methods are mainly used to remove the old coating. Compared with sandpaper sanding, the use of paint remover to remove the old coating film has the advantages of safety, environmental protection and high efficiency.

Advantages of using paint remover
High efficiency, use at room temperature, low corrosion to metals, simple construction, no need to increase equipment, the disadvantage is that some paint strippers are toxic, volatile, flammable, and costly. In recent years, a variety of new paint remover products continue to emerge, water-based paint remover is also produced, paint removal efficiency continues to increase, environmental performance continues to improve, non-toxic, low-toxic, non-combustible products have gradually occupied the mainstream market of paint remover.
Use method of paint remover
① The dust and contaminants on the painted surface shall be removed until the old coating film is exposed.
② The paint remover is stirred evenly, and then the paint remover is applied to the old coating film by dipping, brushing and spraying.
After a certain period of time, found that the film appears bubbling, expansion, soft and other phenomena, with wood, bamboo scraper or cloth scrape (wipe) in addition. Different paint removers have different paint removal efficiency, with a fast speed of 2-3min and a slow speed of 2-3h. Small area experiments are required to determine the paint removal time.
④ If the old coating film cannot be removed at one time, paint remover can be applied again for the second time.
⑤ After the paint removal of the workpiece, wash with water, containing paraffin and kerosene and other components of the paint remover must be washed clean, dry after painting.

4. usepaint removerNotes

① Use flammable paint remover, no open flame during construction, and have fire prevention facilities.
When using paint remover, except for special instructions, do not mix with water or other solvents.
③When opening the paint remover packaging cover, it should be loosened slowly to avoid certain volatile gases from being ejected. Use a glass rod or metal rod to stir evenly before use.
The organic solvent has a certain toxicity to the human body, dichloromethane and anesthesia, so the construction site ventilation should be good.
⑤ Construction personnel must wear protective glasses, gloves, paint remover such as contact with the skin, should be quickly washed with water.
After the film is removed, there will still be a layer of paraffin attached to the metal surface, must be washed with soapy water, and finally clean with fresh water, and wipe dry, otherwise it will affect the adhesion of repaint.
paint removerThe product will have a small amount of volatilization. When not in use, the product should be placed in a cool place to prevent direct sunlight. The fire source and heat source should be isolated and kept in a sealed state. The best temperature for general products is 20 "350C. If the temperature is too low, the product may thicken. If the safety order is confirmed, the paint remover can be slightly heated and can be used.