Selection and use of rust-loosening agents

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Rust agent which is good?

Rust loosening agent is a product with great demand in the industrial and construction fields, especially for loosening and rust of screws and bolts. Because screws and bolts are dull and tight due to long-term feng shui and sun exposure, it is very difficult to dismantle workpieces or instruments, and rust loosening agent comes in handy at this time. The RB-70 rust loosening agent from RBS Chemical Industry Cleaner Factory has a good rust loosening effect. Due to the different cost and process, the composition used is also different. After spraying, it can quickly loosen all kinds of rust bolts and connectors. Rust agent because of different brands, the function and role are also very different. Therefore, when choosing the rust agent used, we should choose according to our own functions.


Resibo's cleaning agent
Ruibao RB -700000 can lubricate rust agent is the most widely used, the most direct effect, the most real economic benefits of domestic brands, both penetration lubricants, anti-wear lubricants, rust inhibitors, waterproofing agents, silicone sprays and other effects. It is used for bolts, nuts and transmission parts that are not easy to disassemble due to corrosion, and can be loosened by spraying the product. It is widely used in bolts, nuts and transmission parts that are not easy to disassemble due to corrosion. Spray the product to loosen, commonly known as liquid panel hands. Can also be used to remove all kinds of packaging adhesive labels, seals, etc., but also can be used for tooling, mold, metal sealing.

Pine rust agent main performance:
1. The permeability is strong. It not only permeates the metal surface, but also infiltrates rust ions, breaking the particle bond between them, making the sediment easy to fall off, and loosening the connection between metal and metal, making the stuck nuts, bolts, chain locks, engines, switch hinges and control devices loose.
2. It can form a lubricating film, reduce the wear between metals and reduce noise.
3. It has anti-corrosion properties and forms a moisture-proof protective layer on the metal surface to isolate the erosion of moisture and corrosive gases.

Method of use:
First shake, remove the cover, press the valve to eject liquid. It can also be connected to an extended plastic pipe to accurately spray it into the rusted part, and the screws that cannot be screwed due to rust can be loosened after a while.