Ruibao cleaning agent to help wind power maintenance

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The largest wind farm in China

5.3 MW onshore wind turbine

Impeller diameter 158 m

Annual power generation exceeds 20 million degrees[1]It can provide electricity for 5000 homes.





How was this "green giant" made?

Directly hit the site of the first machine assembly machine on the platform!




Spindle and drive system pre-installed



Insert spindle, fitting assembly



Gear bottom housing and yaw bearing pre-assembled



Yaw drive, base pre-assembled



Pre-installation of generator and transformer base



Truss and engine room assembly



Electrical inspection test



Final Inspection, Packaging, Finished Product Lifting


Sincerely lament the strength of China's manufacturing! The development of the wind power industry in the motherland is so magnificent that it is the crystallization of the sweat and wisdom of countless dedicated engineers. This is true in the wind power industry, so is the industrial cleaning agent industry;If the commitment to customers and sense of mission is the driving force of the unremitting efforts of industrial cleaning agents, then the focus and innovative thinking to solve problems is the instinct of industrial cleaning agents. With the development of wind power industry in full swing, the research on how to maintain wind power is also carried out in the industrial cleaning agent industry. WeJiangxi Ruisibo New Material Co., one of them. Combined with the characteristics of the distribution of China's wind power industry, the internal structure of the fan is deeply dissected, and a series of products are developed for the maintenance of each part of the fan.


Wind power products are as follows:

NE-819 environmentally friendly wind power cleaning agent

NE-829 Flame Retardant Cleaning Agent for Wind Power

NE-859 environmental protection slip ring cleaning agent

NE-869 Flame Retardant Cleaning Agent for Slip Ring




About Resbo

      Jiangxi Ruisibo New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of high-end industrial cleaning agents.

The company focuses on industrial precision cleaning series, rail transit cleaning series, new energy maintenance cleaning series and military maintenance series, and cooperates with many chemical research institutes and schools to consolidate technical strength. R & D strength, product quality, process equipment and production scale are in the leading position in the industry.

With the rapid development of the new energy maintenance field and the huge market demand, the company has set up a new energy maintenance department with the times, and has set up professional and technical personnel and sales personnel in the field of new energy maintenance; with professional technology and service, it provides a package of cleaning solutions for customers in the field of new energy maintenance, and wins the praise and trust of many customers with high-quality product quality and service!


Ruibao wind power cleaning agent is mainly suitable for cleaning and daily maintenance of oil stains in wind turbine electrical system, transmission system, wind turbine system and wind warehouse. It has good dissolution performance of oil stains on metal surface, especially for fine holes and fine seams. It has good cleaning effect, and at the same time, it does not corrode plastic, plastic, rubber, coating and the like on metal surface, and is safe to use.