Cleaning principle of industrial cleaning agent

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   Industrial CleaningWhen the use of chemical agents on the dissolution of dirt surface to remove dirt, its essence is.Industrial cleaning agentThe process of dissolving from the surface of the dirt in contact with it, while the cleaning agent penetrates into the dirt, reducing the binding force between the particles of the dirt itself and reducing the binding force between the dirt and the basic equipment, so that the dirt is dissolved or the dirt is loosely removed. Chemical cleaning operation, its purpose is to remove pollution, improve quality and obtain good processing performance.

The development of chemical cleaning technology is closely related to the progress of industrial cleaning agents. Recently, the combination of green chemistry and chemical cleaning concept is proposed, that is, under the condition of reducing or eliminating the use of harmful substances and avoiding the production of harmful substances, the process of using the least amount of chemicals as far as possible to remove the surface scale and restore the original surface state.
With the progress of fine organic synthesis technology, biotechnology and detection technology,Industrial cleaning agentIt will develop in the direction of molecular design, and will synthesize green environmental protection industrial cleaning agents with biological defense ability and enzyme catalysis. Weak acidic or medium-sized organic compounds will replace strong acids and alkalis; Straight chain organic compounds and plant extracts will replace aromatic compounds; Phosphorus-free and fluorine-free cleaning agents will replace phosphorus-containing fluorine-containing cleaning agents; Water-based cleaning agents will replace solvent-based and emulsion-based cleaning agents; Biodegradable environmental-friendly cleaning agents will replace traditional cleaning agents; environmental protection type industrial cleaning agent function is strong, easy to operate.

InCleaning agentPay more attention to the role of catalyst, promoter, stripping agent, and make it non-toxic, low dose, corrosion inhibitors need to develop special conditions for special high-efficiency corrosion inhibitors. With the development of chemical cleaning technology, although great progress has been made, there are still some problems to be solved. Need to develop better performance of cleaning agents, including less corrosive, simple and safe operation, low cost and more efficient corrosion inhibitors; need to develop green in line with environmental requirementsCleaning agent. Even today, on-line chemical cleaning technology has not been widely used.