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[FAQ: Is volatile anti-rust oil capable]]

Not completely dry. Anti-rust oil usually needs to leave a layer of oil film adsorbed on the metal surface for anti-rust effect, including volatile anti-rust oil will not be completely volatile dry, more or less oil on the metal surface.

This product is a conventionalvolatile antirust oilThe thickness of the oil film is about 10-50 microns. After use, the metal can feel a little oily, which is suitable for most products with low surface requirements.

Another thinner film, volatile fasteranti-rust oil, After use, the metal can hardly feel oil, suitable for products with particularly high surface requirements, please click on the product link:Volatile thin layer antirust oil
thin layer antirust oilFeatures:
1. Super rust, more effective, more lasting protection of the workpiece
The use of advanced anti-rust agent, base oil, a variety of high-efficiency anti-rust agent, antioxidant additives, high-quality dilution solvent and other refined, in line with the Japanese JISK2246-80-NP8 standards and U.S. military MILG3503-63 standards, no irritation to the skin.
Salt spray resistance test 72 hours, heat and humidity resistance test 360 hours, rust time up to 2 years!

damp heat test(45No. steel)      Damp heat test45Steel

  0Level (15days)

Salt spray test(45No. steel)       Salt spray test45Steel

  0Level (3days)

Seal-up anti-rust test (45No. steel)     Antirust trial sealed

  0.52years without rust