Do you know these secrets of metal cleaners?

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Parts need to be surface treated before assembly and production. However, due to the aging of some machine tools and equipment, oil stains will be generated on the surface of the parts, which will leave an oil film and affect the binding force between the surface coating and the base metal, especially for the metal coating. Even a small amount of oil stains will lead to weak binding of the coating, resulting in peeling, bubbles and other phenomena. At the same time, the oil will infect the electrolyte, affecting the structure of the coating metal products in the machining process, storage process or polishing process will inevitably be contaminated with oil. MetalCleaning agentTo choose a formal industrial cleaning agent.

In addition to the presence of natural film on the surface of metal parts and oil in general factories, the parts will also have heat-treated oxide scale, quenching oil, anti-rust oil, lubricating oil, stamping lubricant and other dirt, so the dirt to be removed before plating may be a complex mixture, which will seriously affect the quality of electroplating if it is not handled for a long time. In order to ensure the quality of electroplating products, so that the coating and the collective firmly combined, the material must be degreased and cleaned before electroplating.


In general, oil stains adhering to the surface of an article are generally classified into two categories. One is saponified oils, including animal oils and vegetable oils, which can be saponified with alkali to produce water-soluble soap; the other is non-saponified oils, such as mineral oil, which do not interact with alkali. Grease is generally insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents, so Xiaobian here recommends that you use solvent-based metal cleaning agent for oil cleaning agent. In addition, oil pollutionCleaning agentIt should be determined according to the degree of oil pollution on the surface of the product and the nature of the oil pollution.