[Metal Cleaning Agent] Ruisibo teaches you to choose the common problems of oil stain cleaning agent on metal surface

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To askEnvironmental protection industrial cleaning agent manufacturersHow to choose? You can search Baidu for "Ruisibo" and you will know the answer. Resbo is numerous.Industrial cleaning agentThe user's choice, because the quality is excellent, the cleaning ability is good. Moreover, the service is more considerate than other industrial cleaning agent manufacturers, making everyone say that Ruisibo is the king of cost-effective environmental protection industrial cleaning agents. Among them, the oil stain cleaning agent on the metal surface is especially needed by multiple users. How to choose a suitable onemetal cleaning agentWhat about? The following is a small series of Ruisbo to popularize it.
The choice of metal surface oil cleaning agent can be based on the following aspects to make a decision:
1, according to the cleaning of the metal surface material to make a choice
The cleaning methods of mechanical parts and large metal equipment are different, and the solvents used are also different. In general, the use of solvent-based metal cleaning parts, cleaning large metal equipment using water-based metal cleaning agent.
2, the choice of water-based metal surface cleaning agent or solvent metal surface cleaning agent
If the cleaning of the metal workpiece requires fast volatilization, and has the requirement of rust prevention, the solvent type cleaning agent can be considered. If you want to save costs, you can consider the use of water-based cleaning agents, after dilution to start cleaning..
3. The cleaning process adopted.
If the use of ultrasonic or spray cleaning, the general use of low-foam type of ultrasonic cleaning agent; electrolytic cleaning with a special electrolytic cleaning agent; artificial scrub or steam cleaning is the use of solvent-based cleaning agent.
4, the use of metal surface oil cleaning agent must be rust-proof
Except for some equipment and precision parts that need to work for a long time, most of the other equipment is not necessary for rust prevention. Therefore, most enterprises choose water-based metal cleaning agent with low comprehensive cleaning cost and no anti-rust function.
5. Combination of solvent-based metal cleaning agent and production process
If the anti-rust effect is not ideal, you can consider adding a cleaning tank and adding anti-rust agent in the tank, the metal workpiece in the tank over again, you can achieve the desired anti-rust effect, anti-rust agent consumption is very small, will not increase too much cost.
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