Protect the earth, please use environmental protection industrial cleaning agent

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In the process of modernization and scale of industrial production, the dependence on machinery and equipment is increasing. Food industry, textile industry, petroleum processing industry, machinery industry, automobile manufacturing, electronics industry, etc. are widely used in cleaning technology. According to data provided by the Ministry of Information Industry, in 2016 ChinaCleaning agentThe total market will exceed 300 billion yuan, of which industrial cleaning agents account for 50%. Even if it is subdivided into oil stain removal cleaning, it will have a market size of about 30 billion yuan.
With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and energy-saving requirements, industrial cleaning has begun to develop in the direction of green, environmental protection and multi-function. However, due to the excessive dispersion within the industry, there are thousands of large and small enterprises, resulting in the development of environmental protection industrial cleaning agents. Slow, low growth in usage and coverage, there are still many problems waiting to be solved, which are mainly reflected in four aspects:
1) No barriers to entry
Due to the huge market of industrial cleaning agents, coupled with the phenomenon of multiple management and ineffective supervision of domestic industrial cleaning, a large number of cleaning agents containing phosphorus, benzene ring and trichloroethylene appear in the market. Its low price has seriously affected the development of environmental protection industrial cleaning agent manufacturers, and some manufacturers even have difficulties in operating.
2) fewer brand enterprises
Because there is no strict entry threshold, there are a large number of small workshops with irregular operation in the industrial cleaning agent industry. These manufacturers account for 60-70%. A large number of these enterprises do not have cleaning technology, even through stealing other people's technology patents or mass production of traditional industrial cleaning agents, and compete with other enterprises through low prices.
3) There is no uniform standard
At present, the standards that domestic industrial cleaning enterprises can uniformly refer to and implement are still promulgated by the Ministry of Chemical Industry in the 1980 s and 1990 s, which is far from the requirements of the times.
4)Environmental cleaning agentTechnology needs to be developed
Although the new environmental protection, pollution-free, low-cost "green" cleaning technology has become an inevitable development trend in the industry, the high production cost and R & D cost still give those traditional industrial cleaning agent manufacturers an opportunity to reduce costs.Environmental cleaning agentThe top priority.
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