Which paint remover paint effect is good?

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Whichpaint removerpaint off effect is good?
ManyCleaning agent manufacturersUsers are looking for a paint remover with good paint removal effect and no damage to the operator's body. The common paint remover on the market has a general paint removal effect, and it is more difficult to completely remove the paint surface after repeated spraying and baking for the paint surface with a thickness of more than 3mm. Today, Xiao Bian recommends this solvent paint remover from Ruisibo Chemical. What is the paint remover effect? Let's look at our customers' paint remover examples.

Practical Case of Paint Remover
Name of processing part: paint stripping auxiliary fixture of spraying line
Material: electrophoretic paint stripping
Applicable industry: all kinds of spray industry hanging tools
Customer's current cleaning equipment, processes and processes:
Equipment: soaking tank
Process: Put the workpiece into the stock solution and soak for 20-30 minutes, take out the water to rinse, and blow dry with compressed air.
Note: The jig workpiece is a spraying hanger. Due to repeated spraying and baking, the paint surface is 3-5mm thick, so the soaking time is relatively long. The customer usually handles it in the evening, and then sends the treated hanger to the spraying line in the morning.
Note: In principle, it is added in an appropriate amount every day. The subsequent paint removal time will slowly become longer due to the reduction of effective ingredients until the paint removal is invalid and the tank will be changed.

Characteristics of efficient solvent paint remover
Ruibao RSB-702 neutral solvent paint remover is mainly composed of strong penetration solvent, surfactant, synergist, corrosion inhibitor, additives and other deployment, with a strong ability to dissolve the paint film, paint removal speed. Mainly used for automobiles, motorcycles, machinery, instruments, meters, toys and other parts and furniture that need to be stripped.

Main properties of neutral solvent paint remover:

1. Has a strong ability to dissolve the paint film, paint removal speed, high efficiency, clear thoroughly.

2. Easy to use, there are bulk and aerosol cans, no adverse effects on the material, in line with environmental requirements.

3. Recyclable, efficient, safe and economical.