[metal cleaning agent] auto parts on the selection of cleaning agent requirements

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With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the market demand potential is huge. In the production and processing of automobile parts, the cleaning of metal parts is a very important link. With the development of parts cleaning technology, as well as the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the usemetal cleaning agentAnd cleaning equipment are put forward higher requirements.


automotive metal parts cleaning requirements:
First of all, there is no corrosion to the cleaning equipment and the parts to be cleaned, which is the most important requirement. Secondly, the cleaning process does not produce residues, including insoluble substances, dirt, and coatings that are not conducive to subsequent processing. Next is the cleaning efficiency is high, there is a faster cleaning speed, and the cleaning is thorough enough. Finally, low cost, in line with environmental protection requirements, harmless to the human body, the smell is relatively mild.
Industrial cleaning agent manufacturers"Risbo" found that in the metal processing industry, as people have higher and higher requirements for product performance and processing efficiency, metal cleaners are no longer a simple decontamination effect, but have been given more missions. According to the characteristics of metal materials, it is required that the cleaning agent used can effectively decontaminate, at the same time, play a role in preventing rust and enhancing the corrosion resistance of the product, which puts forward higher requirements for the additives added to the cleaning agent.


Classification of metal cleaning equipment and requirements for cleaning agents:
At present, the commonly used metal cleaning equipment includes immersion cleaning equipment, spray cleaning equipment, high-pressure spray cleaning equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Immersion cleaning: generally used in multi-cavity parts, this way on the cleaning ability of the cleaning agent and the ability to emulsify miscellaneous oil has higher requirements, and the defoaming performance is not high. However, a cleaning agent with a strong ability to emulsify miscellaneous oil has a disadvantage that the cleaning ability will gradually decrease with time, so the service life is short. Industrial cleaning agent manufacturer "Liannuo Chemical" for industrial cleaning agent service life problem, independent research and development of LQ-2 immersion professional cleaning agent. LQ-2 soaking special cleaning agent does not need ultrasonic, spray and other auxiliary cleaning can achieve good cleaning, cleaning cost is low. The metal cleaning agent is weakly alkaline, cleaning at the same time can effectively protect the metal from corrosion, while effectively protecting the operator, preventing allergies, wide application, strong applicability, most metals have a good cleaning. Store in a cool and dry place with a shelf life of 6 months to 1 year.
Spray cleaning: mostly used for automobile gearbox parts, rinse and dry after cleaning. Spray cleaning equipment is generally equipped with skimmer, suitable for the use of anti-miscellaneous oil cleaning agent, but also consider the ability to defoaming. In a certain temperature range, the cleaning ability of the cleaning agent increases with the increase of temperature, but once it exceeds this range, the cleaning ability will decrease. Therefore, it is very important to know the right temperature.

High-pressure spray cleaning: it is mostly used to remove dirt on the surface of parts and components while also removing burrs on the metal surface. The parts are mostly positioned and sprayed at fixed points, requiring the cleaning agent to have good foam resistance under high pressure,
Ultrasonic cleaning: It is suitable for the surface of the workpiece to be more complex, some mechanical parts with uneven surfaces and blind holes, and some products that are particularly small and have higher requirements for cleanliness.


Requirements for cleaning agents can be used in subsequent processing procedures:
Industrial cleaning agent manufacturer "RuiSiBo" believes that under some specific process conditions, the choice of metal cleaning agent must also consider the impact on the subsequent processing process. For example, in the production of gearbox gears, there are two steps of grinding teeth and shot blasting in the machining process. After these two processes, the gear needs to be sprayed and cleaned. Then, in the middle between grinding and shot blasting cleaning, it is necessary to consider the use of metal cleaning agent will not affect the back of the shot blasting process, such as drying will not be left on the surface of the parts with viscousmetal cleaning agentResidue or cover film, etc. These will destroy the quality of the shot peening process, resulting in product defects.