Car piston ring cleaning case

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   RSB-102 precision metal cleaning agentIt is configured with a variety of high-quality surfactants, strong emulsification, penetrant, super-clean additives and deionized water. Its unique ultra-clean precision cleaning effect is better than the traditional cleaning products, can adapt to different types of precision parts of precision cleaning to achieve clean, bright and seamless effect. For high surface precision stainless steel and other hardware products on the surface of the rolling oil, stamping oil, stains, fingerprints, inorganic salts, dust, hand sweat and other dirt cleaning, and mechanical parts processing surface cleanliness has higher requirements of oil precision cleaning.
Cleaning agentFeatures:

1. Strong oil dissolving ability, fast speed, excellent precision cleaning performance, good rinsing performance, no residue, no ash point, no white spot, to achieve smooth surface without trace;
2. Good water solubility, fast dissolution, low foam, antistatic, cleaning at the same time can effectively protect the surface of the material being cleaned from erosion;
3.PH value is neutral to weak alkaline, mild performance;
4. The product is environmentally friendly, safe and simple to use, and convenient to transport and store.

RSB-102 can be used in the case of automobile piston ring, this case is used for automobile piston ring and water-based grinding paste processing components,
Cleaning agentProcess:
Cleaning agentEquipment: using multi-slot ultrasonic
Process flow:
1. first with 8% RSB-102 precision metal cleaning agent aqueous solution at room temperature manual shaking cleaning
2. With 8% RSB-102 precision metal cleaning agent aqueous solution at room temperature manual shaking cleaning
3. with 8% RSB-102 precision metal cleaning agent aqueous solution 60-70 degrees ultrasonic cleaning for 5 minutes
4.0.5-1.0% RSB-606C tap water solution bubbling and floating at normal temperature (plus manual shaking)
5. Soak in 5% RSB-606C pure water solution at 70 degrees for 3 minutes to prevent rust
6. Natural dry or 165 degree hot air drying for 12 minutes-inspection.

Cleaning agentNote:
1. During cleaning, the cleaning workpieces should be placed correctly and reasonably, and overlap with each other should be avoided. Depending on the cleaning situation, the cleaning agent stock solution should be added regularly and appropriately. If the cleaning ability cannot meet the cleaning requirements after supplementation, the new liquid can be replaced. In general, the use cycle of cleaning fluid is 3-7 days.
2, should avoid cleaning liquid contact with the skin for a long time, to prevent the skin degreasing and make the skin dry and rough, anti-eating, anti-splash into the eyes.

Cleaning agentProcess
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