[aluminum cleaning agent] aluminum cleaning matters needing attention

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    Aluminum profiles in the production process, due to the need for molding, easy release, will use a variety of isolation additives. In the subsequent processing process, it is necessary to remove the release agent and grease attached to the surface. However, due to the characteristics of aluminum alloy, onceCleaning agentImproper material selection and handling methods will cause damage to the surface of aluminum alloy production, and even lead to discoloration and corrosion. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate aluminum performance.Cleaning agent for aluminumAt the same time, cleaning aluminum should pay attention to the following matters:

  1Selection of degreasing agent

Due to the poor effect of a single component of the cleaning agent, so the production of industrial aluminum profiles generally use multi-component, composite type.Cleaning agent. It is made of strong alkali, weak alkali, polymeric inorganic salt, surfactant and other appropriate coordination.compound cleaning agent, can play their respective cleaning characteristics, and thus can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency.

  2, bubbles and their control

In metal cleaning, the generation or removal of foam is very important to the pretreatment process. A certain amount of foam is beneficial to some treatment processes,Aluminum profile cleaning agentThe quality of the foam does not depend on the amount of foam, and when it is sprayed in, it is required.Cleaning agentIt is low foam, otherwise mass production will be difficult to carry out normally.

  3Pay attention to the quality of water washing

In order to reduce the degree of pollution, the first step should be to minimize the workpiece entrained cleaning liquid pollution next process. In addition, multi-stage water washing should be considered, generally two-stage water washing, and some processes will also use pure water washing. The maximum contamination of the latter level of water for washing does not exceed one-tenth of the workpiece cleaned in the previous level, so that the residual liquid concentration of the secondary washing workpiece is only 1% of the original concentration. When adding water for washing, overflow shall be used to save water.

  4Strengthen process management

Strictly implement the operating procedures. Check the running status every day and observe the process parameters at all times. It is forbidden for the workpiece to stagnate in the equipment for a long time to avoid corrosion.

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