Good news!! [Ruibao] won the 2019 annual Chinese industrial cleaning industry brand products-we have been climbing the Chinese industrial cleaning industry Everest!

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2019From October 16 to 20, 2002, when the whole country celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the the People's Republic of China, the "19th national forum on technological progress and industrial development in the cleaning industry" jointly organized by the China industrial cleaning association, the national cleaning industry information center, the national chemical cleaning technology research and promotion center, and the special vocational skill appraisal station of the Ministry of human resources and social security was successfully held in Hefei, Anhui province. With the theme of "showing the new achievements of reform and opening up and promoting the new development of the cleaning industry", leaders of SASAC, Petrochemical Federation and other departments were invited to attend. Wang Jianjun, chairman of the association, Zhao Zhike, vice chairman and Secretary General of the association, representatives of more than 200 enterprises and institutions in the industrial cleaning industry, and international cleaning industry colleagues from Germany, the United States, Italy, Singapore and other countries attended the development forum.


Jiangxi Ruisibo New Materials Co., Ltd. participated in the conference, led by the company's chairman Yi Xiaobin and deputy general manager Liu Ping, and accepted the honorary certificate issued by the China Industrial Cleaning Association.



As a result, the company once again ushered in a new height of brand building. At the opening ceremony of the forum, China Industrial Cleaning Association released the 2019 annual industry cleaning chemicals verification center and industrial cleaning industry brand products;

Produced by Jiangxi Ruisibo New Material Co., Ltd.

[Ruibao] brand water-based cleaning agent (RSB series, GRB series),

[Ruibao] brand solvent-based cleaning agent (RSB series, GRB series),

[Ruibao] brand rust inhibitor (RSB series)

Successfully rated as a brand product in the industrial cleaning industry in 2019.


At the same time, the product verification center built by Jiangxi Ruisbo New Materials Co., Ltd. has become the industry's 2019 annual cleaning chemical verification center.


A hundred feet, further; If you don't take too many steps, you won't reach thousands of miles. Ruisbo people have been deeply engaged in high-end industrial cleaning for more than 20 years. They have always adhered to the original intention and mission of Chinese craftsmen and continuously helped the progress and development of China's industrial cleaning agents. We will cherish the honor and achievements we have obtained today, and shouldering this heavy sense of mission will surely make us Ruisibo people go further.Ruibao] cleaning agent will climb the Everest of China's industrial cleaning industry!