[Ruibao Cleaning Agent] Why did antirust oil fail to prevent rust?

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Anti-rust failure will produce a very huge loss, especially precision parts anti-rust, if the anti-rust packaging failure will cause batch scrap. But the reasons for the failure of rust prevention are often puzzling to the craftsmen. Today, Ruibao cleaning agent will share the reasons why antirust oil is still used to prevent rust failure.

Rust prevention of precision partsThe main reason for failure

1. Anti-rust grease and gas phase usedrust inhibitorSuch as material quality is not qualified, or has exceeded the validity period. This will cause rust of the parts after the batch anti-rust packaging. Therefore, all kinds of anti-rust materials must be inspected, qualified materials can be used.

2. The metal surface is not cleaned or exposed to corrosive media. For example, the parts are not cleaned according to the process requirements before applying anti-rust oil. Residual sweat, moisture, dust and other corrosive media on the metal surface; or do not wear clean gloves during the anti-rust process, resulting in rust of parts in storage and transportation.

3. Improper anti-rust process or inappropriate treatment method. For example, when applying hot dip oil, the temperature is too high, so that the oil does not form a complete and uniform protective film on the metal surface; or after the parts are hot dip oil, they are packaged without cooling.

4. Unqualified packaging materials, poor packaging quality, damaged packaging and other reasons will cause corrosive media to attack the metal and rust.

5, rust-proof packaging of spare parts, due to transport, storage conditions are not good, storage is unreasonable. This will be subject to moisture, water, acid and alkali corrosion medium, resulting in metal rust.

Four tips for checking rust prevention problems: clean before rust prevention, uniform rust prevention film formation, no contact with corrosive media, and maintenance of rust prevention environment. The occurrence of anti-rust failure is also a process inspection from these four aspects to eliminate the cause.Resboprofessional productionRuibao Cleaning Agent,anti-rust oil, rust loosening agent. Integration of production,Cleaning agentExcellent quality.