How to choose the right metal cleaning agent

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It is very difficult to take into account high quality, high efficiency and low cost in metal surface cleaning, because it involves many problems and is very complex. The most important problems are the efficiency and price of cleaning agents, the energy consumed in the cleaning process, the complexity and reliability of construction equipment, the efficiency and cost of labor productivity, as well as many problems such as environmental protection, waste treatment and safe production and construction. Since there are many surface cleaning processes and methods available for consideration, economical and practical cleaning methods should be selected on the premise that they can meet the production needs and achieve the cleanliness of the pretreatment requirements.ResboToday, I 'd like to share with you how to use economical and practical methods for metal surface treatment.

1. Correct selectionmetal cleaning agent
The vast majority of metal surface cleaning are inseparableCleaning agentAt present, the cleaning solution used mainly has the following categories. There are mainly hydrocarbons or halogenated hydrocarbonssolvent type cleaning agent; There are surfactants as the main component.Water-based industrial cleaning agentThere are surfactants and organic solvents as the main components.emulsion type cleaning agentWait. These cleaning fluids can be purchased from the market ready-made cleaning fluid products that meet the process requirements, or they can be developed or prepared by themselves. When choosing, pay attention to its source, it is easy to buy, safe, non-toxic or low-toxic, simple to use, long cycle, easy to recycle, and meet environmental requirements.

2. Miniaturization and automation of cleaning equipment
The equipment used for cleaning is as small as possible, mechanized and automated as possible, reliable in performance, easy to operate, not easy to cause damage to operators, corrosion resistance, long life, and high efficiency.

3, whether environmental protection should pay attention
The construction occupies less site and has little impact on the surrounding environment.

4. Reduce manual operation
The cleaning process should be easy to understand, and take into account energy saving, environmental protection and safety. Minimize construction operators, reduce labor intensity and cost.

5, comprehensive assessment, choose the most appropriate program

Under the premise of meeting the cleaning quality standard, the cost of the cleaning process should be considered and the economic benefits should be evaluated.

In short, the choice of metal cleaning methods andCleaning agentThe choice of category is related to a variety of factors, the problem is more complex, to a comprehensive analysis of the type of dirt, the requirements of the surface cleaning degree after cleaning, the chemical effect of detergent on metal surface materials and so on all need to be considered. The structure and mechanization and automation of the tools or cleaning equipment used for cleaning, safety, sanitary conditions and environmental protection requirements, as well as the assessment of economic costs are the main issues that must be considered. It should be emphasized that when choosing a certain cleaning agent, it is necessary to proceed from reality and test on the parts first to seek the necessary cleaning quality, and the most economical and practical, so as to determine the best process conditions required to avoid blindness and Less detours.