The main classification of precision industrial cleaning agents

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The precision of our countryIndustrial cleaning agentMainly divided into two categories:

   The first category is the cleaning and maintenance of equipment:
Mainly for various enterprises and institutions in the use of equipment after a period of time, the problems arising from the cleaning, degreasing, rust removal, descaling, rust prevention, cleaning and maintenance, etc., a wide range of equipment: such as mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, precision electronic equipment, water system equipment, a variety of machines, special equipment, etc., the problems are also different, it is difficult to have one or two kinds of cleaning agents to solve the problem of these equipment, which requires professional manufacturers of industrial cleaning agents to develop various types of products to meet the needs of the market. In the selection of products, can suit the remedy to the case, choose the right product is the key to solve the problem.

  The second category is the cleaning agent used in the production process:
Due to the different production processes, cleaning requirements and cleaning objects are also different, so there is a lot to do in the choice of cleaning agents. In general, the following factors will be considered when cleaning agents,
For example:

1 How to choosewater-based cleaning agentStillsolvent type cleaning agent

2, choose ultrasonic cleaning or spray cleaning

3. Whether rust prevention should be considered in cleaning operations.

Of course, the choiceIndustrial cleaning agentAt that time, it is necessary to combine with the corresponding cleaning process to achieve the most ideal effect. If there is a professional manufacturer's on-site guidance, it will get twice the result with half the effort.