Why do you want to carry out live cleaning and maintenance of equipment?

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In daily work, in order to ensure the reasonable and efficient maintenance and management of equipment room, the maintenance of plant equipment is becoming more and more important. Not only can eliminate security risks, but also save energy and improve the effective utilization of resources. Enterprises are very retrying to regularly carry out live cleaning and maintenance of equipment.charged cleaning agentMainly from the following to start;

1. effective control, eliminate hidden dangers
   charged cleaningIn fact, it is a process of discovering hidden dangers and avoiding accidents in an active way. Since the loss has been caused in the event of an accident, regular maintenance can be prepared and controlled to find hidden dangers and solve hidden dangers in the maintenance process, so as to avoid accidents in the operation of equipment and prevent problems before they occur.

2. active maintenance, prevent accidents
Ensure that the equipment does not have soft failures during operation to avoid productive or non-productive losses. Whether it is environmental pollution or productive pollution, the immersion of the equipment is proportional to the time, the longer the pollution, the greater the damage to the equipment. More and more sophisticated electronic equipment in modern enterprises has more and more demanding requirements for the environment. In the non-production interval, some large enterprises may have funds to replace equipment, but during the production or operation period, enterprises may not have enough time to maintain or replace, and many small enterprises often do not have sufficient funds to update equipment because of low anti-risk ability, so daily maintenance is even more important to them.

3. reduce maintenance costs, reduce operating costs and extend equipment life.
Once the direct and indirect losses caused by the failure of the equipment are far greater than the cost of cleaning and maintenance, practice has proved that the failure rate of the equipment will be reduced by 45%-61% for regular cleaning of the equipment in a certain period of time, and the replacement cost of the equipment parts and the whole will be reduced accordingly, thus reducing the operating cost and prolonging the service life of the equipment.

Four, starting from the new, throughout the whole process
The purpose of cleaning and maintenance is to ensure the safety of the equipment during operation, and it must run through the whole process of the equipment from putting into use to updating. That is, cleaning and maintenance must start from the new equipment put into use, in order to effectively ensure the safe and smooth operation of the whole process of equipment.

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