[aluminum cleaning agent] how to clean aluminum sheet?

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The aluminum plate workpiece is not washed thoroughly after alkali washing. If the alkali liquor entering the hole during alkali washing is not washed clean, the alkali liquor will flow out of the hole after oxidation treatment, resulting in corrosion of the oxide film around the hole.

There is activity around the hole of the aluminum plate workpiece. Aluminum profiles are very astringent when tapping screw holes, and operators often lubricate them with active kurtosis. If there is no emulsifier in the alkali liquor during alkali washing, it is difficult to remove the active kurtosis.

A reader called to inquire about the reason why it is difficult to obtain a conductive oxide film after alkali etching. After excluding many factors that are difficult to form a conductive oxide film, considering whether there is too much aluminum ion in the alkali etching solution, the other party said that the alkali etching solution is very thick. But the alkali etching speed is not fast

At that time, the aluminum plate replaced the alkali etching solution, because the alkali etching solution will accumulate too much aluminum ions after being used for too long, and the aluminum ions are difficult to elute on the surface of the workpiece, thus affecting the contact between the surface of the aluminum piece and the conductive oxidation solution, thus affecting the formation of the oxide film. As the name implies, the brushed aluminum plate is the aluminum plate of various materials for wire drawing treatment. The brushed aluminum plate can be seen everywhere around us. The metal shell of many products uses brushed aluminum plate. But the wire drawing aluminum plate for a long time will also produce stains, then, how to clean the wire drawing aluminum plate? Aluminum cleaning is generally used for special aluminum cleaning agent, Reisbo chemical aluminum cleaning agent for different aluminum, there are different aluminum cleaning formula, let us take a look at it.

1. Surface adhesive:
If there is glue on the surface of the aluminum plate, for example, after some labels are torn down, there will be glue left behind. At this time, you must not scrape with sharp tools such as knives. If you can be sure that the material of the product you are using is better, you can wipe it off with an ordinary rubber. If the material is poor, the eraser will wipe more and more flowers. At this time, you can use the hot air of the hair dryer to blow the glue for a while, and then you can easily wipe off the stolen goods with a cloth.
2. Wipe the dust:
Although it is not easy to be contaminated with dust is a major advantage of brushed aluminum, its other major advantage is that it is particularly good care. After all, the space we live in is full of dust, and the dust on the brushed aluminum board can be as bright as new by gently wiping it with a rag. Do not let too much moisture stay on the brushed aluminum plate for a long time, which is very unfavorable to the aluminum plate.
3. Blackening treatment:
When encountering rain, it will not turn black, unless it contains more acidic rain, long-term erosion will turn black. But even if it is black, it will basically turn black after many years of use, so it is generally not black, but we usually have to clean and wipe. In some families, the aluminum plate is blackened due to improper use or some other factors. At this time, ordinary rags cannot be wiped off, but you don't have to worry, we can wipe it with alcohol, or professionalCleaning agent for aluminumJust rub it lightly.



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