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Aluminum and its alloys have strong binding force with oxygen, and it is easy to form a layer of oxide film in dry atmosphere, which plays a protective role. However, because this layer of oxide film is amorphous, the aluminum parts lose their original luster. Moreover, the film thickness is thin, loose and uneven, and directly coated on the oxide film will make the adhesion of the coating film not strong. Therefore, it is necessary to use the film according to the requirements of the environmentStorage period of aluminum after cleaningThen carry out a certain treatment to form a layer of conversion film on the surface, and then paint the required paint.
The process of aluminum cleaning is generally as follows: alkali washing → hot water cleaning → cold water cleaning → oxide film removal → cold water cleaning → cold water cleaning → chemical conversion → cold water cleaning → cold water cleaning → deionized water cleaning → draining → drying.
Aluminum cleaning is different from the cleaning of steel parts.
The purpose of using aluminum cleaning agent is mainly to remove oil stains and sundries on the surface of aluminum alloy.
Aluminum products are not as resistant to strong alkali erosion as steel, so it cannot be cleaned with aluminum cleaning agents prepared by strong alkali. If the surface of aluminum oil is serious, should first use organic solvent or surfactant degreasing, and then use alkaline salt solution chemical degreasing. If the surface oil less, can be directly selected containing a small amount of caustic alkali in addition to the oil, or with alkaline salt solution treatment.
Commonly used aluminum alkali lotion formula is composed of Na2CO3, Na3PO4, Na2SiO3 and additives, mainly with immersion and spray washing, can also be used for electrolytic cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning.
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