The whole process of cleaning the drawing oil on the floor of the tablet computer (with pictures)

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Wash drawing oil

The base plate of the tablet is made of aluminum, which should be requested by the customer.Cleaningon stamping partsdrawing oil, recommend customers to useRSB-108 aluminum cleaning agentThis product is used for common aluminum and its alloys, aluminum foil, aluminum plate, galvanized parts and other parts surface cutting oil stains, stamping oil stains, metal dust, hand sweat and other dirt cleaning.



ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic coordination RSB-108Cleaning agentCleaning for 3-5 minutes



Dryer drying

Take it out after ultrasonic cleaning, and take it out after drying in the dryer for about 20 minutes.




Workpiece after drying



Cleanliness test

Use a 46 dyne pen to test the cleanliness of the cleaning, and observe the cleaned tablet bottom plate; within 2 seconds, there is no shrinkage or ink droplets on the edge of the rose red bar; compared with the red bar of the dyne pen on the uncleaned tablet bottom plate, there is a significant difference.

RSB-108 cleaning drawing oil effect is remarkable.