Cleaning agent manufacturers tell you how to choose high-end cleaning agent?

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Metal material cleaning agents are searched by many customers on the Internet technology, and they are often dizzy and do not know how to use them to save the amount of use? Is the machine and equipment suitable for solution cleaning agents or water-based cleaning agents?Cleaning agentCleaning? Which one has better product quality?

(1) Types and characteristics of stains

The types and characteristics of stains on parts vary greatly, including solid-phase oil stains such as grease, dirt, carbon deposits, rust, and high-efficiency liquid-phase oil stains such as grease and grease residues.

(2) Corrosion

For copper, lead, zinc and other easily eroded parts and instruments, instrument panel parts, etc., it is necessary to choose the ones that are close to neutrality, have little corrosion and have strong anti-rust treatment ability.Cleaning agent.

(3) Cleaning method

If there is a steam heating standard, high-temperature cleaning agent can be used. When hand-made cleaning is dominant or the parts to be cleaned are not suitable for heating, ultra-low temperature cleaning agent is selected. Selection of mechanical equipment cleaning and working pressure from the spray, to choose low foam plastic cleaning agent.

(4) pay attention to the concentration value of cleaning agent

The concentration value of the cleaning agent is very related to the actual effect of cleaning. Generally, with the increase of the concentration value, the decontamination ability is also correspondingly improved, but after a certain concentration value, the decontamination ability will not be significantly enhanced.

The above aspects are the matters that we must pay attention to when choosing metal material cleaning agent. Jiangxi Ruisibo New Material Co., Ltd. specializes in the productionHigh-end environmental protection industrial cleaning agent, R & D and ProductionHigh-end cleaning agent, in the choiceCleaning agent manufacturersWhen you can think about it.

(5) the application of low cost, high cleaning rateCleaning agent

How to save costs has always been a big difficulty in the company's mind, especially in the industrial production, processing and manufacturing industry, where the situation is becoming more and more unoptimistic. Because my country's economy is gradually transforming and developing to the tertiary industry, some companies without competitive advantages have encountered difficulties. In order to better continue to develop the trend, they will definitely reduce their own operating costs in various fields. Cleaning and maintenance is one of them, and there is no doubt that the company will choose lower-priced goods. But usually this kind of high-quality and low-cost commodity diluent capacity is widely poor, but will increase the cost. And because there is no way to dilute the liquid, in many applications, the surface of the machine and equipment will be damaged due to heavy oil removal. And according to the oil pollution light and heavy moderate dilution has done the best is the actual effect.

(6) the type of cleaning

In many cases, water-based cleaning agents are not necessarily suitable for cleaning current machinery and equipment, such as integrated circuit chip machinery and equipment, high-precision parts, and it is not recommended to apply water-based cleaning agents. In these cases, you need to use the solution type.Cleaning agentApplication of a small amount of organic solvent to carry out cleaning.