Begging professionals, there are many manufacturers of industrial cleaning agents, and there are also many enterprises that do hydrocarbon cleaning agents and water-based cleaning agents. Which one is more professional?

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industrial productionCleaning agentIt is an area of benefit from the tightening of environmental protection, accompanied by higher and higher environmental protection regulations, which were previously widely used.Cleaning agentProducts are replaced.

Such as toluene, gasoline, thinner.

Or fluorine content, chlorine, bromine and other cleaning agents

Or products containing sodium, or heavy metals such as magnesium.

Some people sayCleaning agentNo damage to the paint is a good cleaning agent, in fact, this is only a phenomenon. Some cleaning agents damage the paint because of the addition of the above illegal elements. There is no alternative to the company's pursuit of perfection is low-cost money, and sometimes customers will excessively pursue perfection and low cost, while ignoring the harm of environmental pollution and the harm of employees.

According to the classification of cleaning agents, there are about a few categories

1. Water-soluble cleaning agent belongs to the extraction liquid. Under the application condition, it can be used as a cleaning liquid according to its own condition. It can also be used in self-spraying cleaning machinery and equipment, ultrasonic equipment or mutual cooperation spray gun. The characteristics are low cost, short time to be able to cycle system applications.

2, hydrocarbonsCleaning agent. Attributed to the solution type cleaning agent, the use of oil is very easy to melt in the organic solvent characteristics, to carry out oil cleaning. Application methods capable of soaking, cleaning, and ultrasound. Mutual cooperation with ultrasonic equipment application, can be recycled, no discharge.

Cleaning agent is not only used for cleaning oil stains, some products are designed for cleaning dirt, cleaning adhesive, cleaning fabric blanket, cleaning electronic device products, cleaning carbon deposits, cleaning rust these, where must be removed cleaning places, must use industrial production cleaning agent.

The use of industrial production of cleaning agents is a delicate work, there is no need to blindly follow the crowd to import famous brands, at this stage, domestic cleaning agents in the vast majority of industry performance with no difference, reasonable but much better.

For example, everyone's water-based cleaning agent has no sodium component, and the anti-rust treatment period is not easy to lose to sodium-containing products. This is the convenience and rationality of technical development.

For example, everyone's hydrocarbonsCleaning agentThe purity is higher than 99%, and the recycling performance is completely inferior to that of new products.

There are also some other cleaning agents, which are used to clean the road surface, clean the surface of machinery and equipment, clean the outer body of the airport, the outer body of the high-speed rail car and its chassis, or the cargo ship warehouse, etc., with different effects. Must be based on their own conditions to match the appropriate cleaning products.

Expect the above response to help you, the vast majorityCleaning agentThe company gives products at the same time, will also give cleaning agent technical and after-sales maintenance services. After that, the development trend of industrial production cleaning agent enterprises that can serve the project will become better and better.

Finally, when it comes to the discharge problem, many companies have been shut down due to unqualified discharge, and the waste water caused by the application of products such as cleaning agents and cutting oils is also unqualified, which should not be solved properly.

Therefore, customers should be carefully selectedCleaning agentproducts, especiallyHigh-end cleaning agent. Warmly welcome everyone to communicate.