How to deal with industrial wastewater of environmental cleaning agent

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In industrial production, generallyIndustrial cleaning agentinto two broad categories, one isEnvironmental cleaning agentThe other is right and wrong.Environmental cleaning agent. We often have a lot of problems, can immediately discharge waste water of industrial cleaning agent? How to identify environmental protection industrial cleaning agent? Energy-saving industrial cleaning agent can immediately discharge it?

In industrial production, industrial cleaning agents are mainly used in general, including mechanical equipment hardware configuration, electronic optical electronic devices, food medical equipment industry, etc., are the shadow of industrial cleaning agents. As everyone knows, in industrial production, the waste water caused by industrial production cleaning has always been a headache, because it has the defects that cannot be solved and the cost is relatively high.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's environmental protection regulations and control, "immediate discharge of waste water" has been established as a prohibition. Therefore, many processing plants are looking for an energy-saving industrial cleaning agent that can be discharged immediately. Can environmentally friendly cleaning agents be discharged immediately? Unfortunately, today's industrial cleaning agents can not be discharged immediately. In industrial production, the application of environmentally friendly cleaning agents have to solve the discharge of waste water.

The relevant laws and regulations of our country are very strict on the environmental protection standards of industrial production wastewater.Environmental cleaning agentThere is no heavy metal exceeding the standard and no phosphorus content. After cleaning commodities, there are naturally residual oil stains and stains in industrial production cleaning wastewater. This wastewater must be solved before it can be discharged. Whether it is a general industrial cleaning agent or an environmentally friendly cleaning agent, the waste water caused by industrial production cannot be discharged immediately. In general, in industrial production, environmental cleaning agent wastewater treatment will be much simpler.

       Industrial cleaning agentWidespread for industrial production cleaning, such as cleaning optical lenses, glasses, a variety of metal products and raw materials, plastic products such as workpiece surface oil stains, polishing powder, grinding fluid, dust and other stains. After cleaning, in order to better meet the environmental protection standards of water bodies, the company should properly treat the wastewater after cleaning. However, due to the harm of cleaning process and cleaning materials, the composition of water-based cleaning agent wastewater is complicated. There are not only components of cleaning agents, but also oil stains, metal particles and various inorganic components. How should the wastewater after cleaning be treated?

Solution: Select evaporation and concentration solution (cutting oil wastewater treatment equipment). The wastewater enters the ultra-low temperature vacuum evaporator and volatilizes under the ultra-low temperature standard of the vacuum pump. The water vapor is suspected to generate pure water during the whole process of vacuum packaging and is collected into the cold water storage tank. The remaining small amount of waste is entrusted to solve.