Discussion on Hydrocarbon Cleaning Agent of Environmental Cleaning Agent

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Theoretically, the hydrocarbon cleaning agent refers to the residual organic solvents obtained from the distillation of petroleum, petroleum hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon systems, hydrocarbons, industrial grade motor gasoline, etc.

Most of the hydrocarbon-based detergents currently used or sold on the market are not exquisite commodities for simple distillation of petroleum, but only positive and enantiomeric ethane with a distillation range of 140-190 degrees C. Generally, petroleum is made by crude distillation, hydrocracking, distillation tower and isomerization.

And why do you say that hydrocarbon cleaning agent is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent, the key is the following three points:

1. Because hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a very pure special organic solvent, the key is composed of carbon and hydrogen, so it can be completely released at normal temperature and heating, without all residues.

2. After toxicology experiments, the inhalation toxicity, oral toxicity and skin touch toxicity of hydrocarbon cleaning agents are all slightly toxic and do not belong to carcinogens. Compared with benzene homologs, it is safer for cleaning actual operators.

3. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent can be dissolved of course, and the cleaning wastewater can be put into raw coal or fuel steam boiler for incineration treatment. The key reactants for incineration treatment are CO2 and water, and there is no environmental pollution to the gas. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent is not effective chlorine, the destruction index of active oxygen is zero.

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