Do you understand the three major misunderstandings of metal cleaning agents?

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Say to you three metal material cleaning agent application misconception, in daily lifeEnvironmental cleaning agentwon many customers love, environmentally friendly metal materialsCleaning agentAs an organic solvent used to clean metal parts, machinery and equipment, basically every machinery and equipment factory will use this kind of cleaning agent to carry out maintenance of machinery and equipment. However, due to careless application, the actual cleaning effect is not idealized, which consumes the cleaning agent and increases the cleaning cost. So, what is the proper operation method of metal material cleaning agent? What should I pay attention to when applying?

1. metal material cleaning agent can be immediately cleaned with the source liquid?

The operation methods of different cleaning agents are different, and the application must be carried out in accordance with the product introduction or let the manufacturer give MSDS. Generally speaking, metal material cleaning agents are divided into two categories: water-based and solvent-based. Solvent type cleaning agent is generally composed of nitrogen compound organic solvent, can not be diluted with water. The water-based cleaning agent contains a certain amount of foam. If it is applied immediately without carrying out a certain proportion of dilution with water, it will cause too much foam. In addition, the water-based cleaning agent concentration value is relatively high, if immediately applied, will give people a very "oil" feel, the machine equipment, parts are not very good.

2.Cleaning agentMust be cleaned at room temperature?

Solvent-based cleaning agent is the key to the nitrogen compound organic solvent chemical substances, containing an open flash point, can not carry out heating cleaning, so under normal conditions only in the normal temperature state of cleaning. However, the water-based cleaning agent can cooperate with the ultrasonic cleaning agent to carry out heating cleaning. Generally speaking, the actual cleaning effect of the water-based cleaning agent is the best when it is above and below 55°C.

3. simple cleaning on it?

Many people feelCleaning agentImmediately self-spray cleaning can be, in fact, metal materialsCleaning agentThere are many methods of operation, cleaning according to the specific situation to make the distinction. For example, for the parts with thick surface stains and more carbon deposits, appropriate scraping and wiping shall be carried out first, and then heated and cleaned after soaking in the cleaning tank for a period of time to ensure the elimination of difficult-to-remove vegetable grease. When cleaning, high-precision parts should be cleaned first, and then general machinery and equipment parts should be cleaned to ensure that high-precision parts will not be damaged and everything can work normally. When cleaning the pipeline, use the working pressure gun or other special spouting tools to carry out pressure charging and flushing first. Wait a while, then applyCleaning agentCleaning.