Classification and use of high-end industrial cleaning agents

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Analytical chemistry or biopharmaceuticals used in industrial production to remove dirt are collectively referred to as industrial production.Cleaning agent. Industrial production parts often have grease or polishing paste that must be removed, or cleaning solder paste or oxidant on electronic devices or circuit boards in electromechanical installation engineering must be carried out with cleaning agents. industrial productionCleaning agentThere are many different types, Ruibao belowCleaning agentA brief introduction to industrial productionCleaning agentThe operation steps:

Classification of 1. cleaning agents

(1) Organic solventsCleaning agentThe areas of application are cleaning and lacquer sheets.

(2) The application field of water-soluble cleaning agent is to clean the cutting fluid on the surface of cast iron parts (degreasing, dewaxing, anti-rust treatment solution).

Selection method of 2. cleaning agent

(1) the rate of cleaning dirt is faster and the scale is completely dissolved. The cleaning agent itself has a strong ability to reflect, disperse or dissolve and remove dirt, and can completely remove dirt in a relatively limited period of time.

(2) The harm to the overall cleaning target should be within the permitted level, and there should be relative preventive measures against the corrosion that may be caused by metal composite materials.

(3) The cleaning agent is an environmentally friendly ancestral recipe, which is not toxic to organisms and the environment.

(4) Cleaning The entire process does not clean the overall target surface and leaves insoluble matter, which does not cause new stains.

(5) Do not cause adverse effects on the entire process of cleaning and on-the-spot cleaning of plastic foam and odor.

(6) The cleaning agent cannot be flammable, explosive, or have some kind of irreversibility to the mechanical equipment that needs to be cleaned.

3.Cleaning agentThe operation steps

(1) Cleaning agent at normal temperature or unpacking: the cleaning time shall be appropriately increased, and the cleaning frame shall be slowly shaken during cleaning to allow the cast iron parts to touch with the cleaning liquid. After cleaning, the cast iron parts shall be soaked with pure water/domestic water to be clean and tidy before blowing dry.

(2) spray system: the cleaning agent in accordance with the provisions of the concentration value selected, and then the object to be cleaned into the spray system machine can be.

(3) Hot soaking: heat up the cleaning agent with selected concentration value, soak it clean and tidy with pure water/domestic water after cleaning, and then blow dry.

(4) Cleaning: Generally, the source liquid is used after the closed liquid is used, and the concentration value of the cleaning agent is relatively higher during cleaning.

(5) ultrasonic cleaning: the source liquid closed liquid after pouring into the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning liquid circulation pipeline, can be used for multiple cycles.

The above is industrial productionCleaning agentA wide range of types and selection methods, according to the type of mechanical equipment, production process and geographical environment, reasonable selection of industrial production cleaning agent can improve the service life of mechanical equipment. Resbo focuses on the research and development and production of industrial cleaning agents, productionHigh-end industrial cleaning agent manufacturers,Cleaning agentThe product has excellent performance, environmental protection and good after-sales service. If you want to buy a cleaning agent, you can consider trying Ruibao cleaning agent.