Environmental cleaning agent selection of water based cleaning agent or solvent cleaning agent?

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Cleaning agentThe field of cleaning agent commodities are generally divided into three categories:

The first type of water-based cleaning agent

The second category is semi-aqueous cleaning agent

The third category issolvent cleaning agent.

Industrial production cleaning agents are widely used in metal materials manufacturing, electrical and electronic, electronic optics, medical machinery and other fields. The two key types in the sales market are water-based and solvent-based. I will also give a brief and detailed introduction to these two types below.

Water-based cleaning agent is very easy to understand, that is, water is used as a solvent, and the product itself belongs to water-soluble chemicals. The solvent type generally refers to the organic chemical solvent composed of organic matter as the solvent of the cleaning agent.

From the theoretical definition of solvent, solvent-based cleaning agent is an experimental reagent that can dissolve other chemical substances. It can be called solvent, such as water, which can dissolve sugar and salt, but water cannot dissolve oil. At the moment, some organic matters can be guaranteed. It can dissolve oil immediately like water dissolves sugar.

Therefore, in the cleaning industry, the solubility of different solvents for different dirt is different, and various cleaning agent commodities have been developed. But a good solvent-based cleaning agent must have the following standards:

The organic chemical characteristics of stable, not easy to reflect with the cleaning material;

②Small interfacial tension and viscosity, strong permeability;

③ Low melting point, able to dry independently;

No opening flash point, not flammable;

The basic principle of water-based cleaning is mainly the chemical substances such as surfactants added to it to achieve the actual cleaning effect. The advantage of water-based cleaning agent is odorless and harmless, such as washing powder, which covers a wide range of cleaning. However, volatiles are not very good and need to be dry afterwards, which is not suitable for some special fields.

Resbo'sEnvironmental solvent cleaning agentRelativity in water-based cleaning agent on water-soluble stains removal power is good, volatile matter stronger, stable characteristics, in line with China's environmental protection regulations, non-etching materials, no stimulation taste, comprehensive low cost and other advantages. The basic principle of solvent-based cleaning is mainly the working ability of its organic matter itself. Naturally, if you want to achieve stronger practical effects and some environmental protection requirements, you need to add some additives. This kind of situation is related to the key secret recipe problem.

In actual production and manufacturing, in addition to purposefully selecting solvent-based or water-based cleaning agents due to different cleaning oil stains, we will continue to make different selections due to different processing technology regulations.

Since water-based cleaning agents are generally used for soaking cleaning, there is also a whole process of soaking and drying after cleaning,solvent cleaning agentBecause of its strong volatile matter, it is used to volatilize immediately after wiping during cleaning and processing without dipping. For example, some optical lenses can be prevented from being printed by using this kind of processing technology.

Solvent-based cleaning agent, water-based typeCleaning agentEach has its own good and bad, we should accurately distinguish according to our own commodity conditions and processing technology regulations in the case of selection, and look forward to helping you.