Water-based cleaning agent and oily cleaning agent which is environmentally friendly cleaning agent?

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Nowadays, the industrial production cleaning agent currently on the market is divided into 2 minutes, one is a common oily cleaning agent, there is also a water-based cleaning agent. What's the difference between these two cleaning agents? Today, the small editor of Ruibao cleaning agent will accompany you to learn about water quality.Cleaning agentWhat is the difference with oily cleaning agents? I look forward to the following professional knowledge to help everyone!

The difference between water-based cleaning agent and oily cleaning agent:

1、Environmental cleaning agentIt is water-based, can be miscible with water at random, can clean oil stains on the metal surface, can be operated by ultrasonic and self-spraying mechanical equipment, and can choose phosphorus-free secret recipe according to customer regulations. With short-term anti-rust treatment effect.

2, oil cleaning agent can not add water application, its characteristics are evaporation fast, like ethanol, in addition to the oil stains can also remove latex. Cleaning the same product workpiece, water-based cleaning agent is better than oily cleaning agent.

3. Compared with oily cleaning agents, water-based cleaning agents are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of water-based cleaning agents:

1. High efficiency durability: The water-based cleaning agent is equipped with PH thickener, and the PH value can be basically kept unchanged according to long-term application. It can not only be based on the electrochemical corrosion condition caused by the decrease of PH value, but also has a long service life exceeding 30-60% of the traditional water-based metal material cleaning agent under the same dilution multiple condition. While saving the cost of liquid exchange, it can also reduce the time consumed for liquid exchange.

2. Cleaning strength: with reasonable page surfactant, olefin metathesis enters all small gaps that are difficult to clean, oil stains are quickly separated from cleaning, and dirt particles, carbon deposits, stains and vegetable oils are casually removed. Whether it is common mechanical lubricating oil, cutting fluid, rust inhibitor that is not easy to clean, and Rashin forming oil, it has excellent cleaning practical effect, and the surface of the product workpiece is not easy to produce residue under natural dryness, especially suitable for high precision cleaning applications.

The above content isRuibao Cleaning AgentWhat are the differences between the water-based cleaning agent and the oil-based cleaning agent combed by the editor? I look forward to being helpful to everyone. Ruibao cleaning agent specializes in production.High-end industrial cleaning agent manufacturersHope that the majority of customers come to inquire!