What are the high-end industrial cleaning agents?

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What is hydrocarbon cleaning agent? Many people do not knowhydrocarbon cleaning agentandwater-based cleaning agentThe difference, today Ruibao cleaning agent small editor to everyone under the popular sciencehydrocarbon cleaning agentandwater-based cleaning agentThe specific difference, because the current national environmental protection environment,hydrocarbon cleaning agentshould belongHigh-end cleaning agentSeries, hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a kind of organic solvent cleaning agent, organic solvent cleaning agent refers to the composition of organic chemical organic solvent without water, and.hydrocarbon cleaning agentIt is a cleaning agent that only uses carbon and hydrogen as the main body of behavior.hydrocarbon cleaning agentWith excellent environmental protection characteristics and cleaning ability, under the condition that our country gradually limits and finally completely replaces ODS (destruction of active oxygen chemicals) cleaning agents,hydrocarbon cleaning agentIt is the best organic solvent to replace and replace ODS at this stage. Hydrocarbon cleaning technology, which cooperates with hydrocarbon cleaning agent and vacuum pump cleaning dryer equipment, has long become popular in the cleaning field.

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent has good cleaning characteristics, less volatile damage, non-toxic, good compatibility with raw materials and can be completely evaporated, the price is high.

In addition, the hydrocarbon cleaning agent can certainly dissolve, and the cleaning wastewater can be recovered and recycled by steam distillation, or put into raw coal or fuel steam boiler for incineration treatment. The key reactants for incineration treatment are CO2 and water, and there is no environmental pollution to the gas. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent is not effective chlorine, the destruction index of active oxygen is zero.

water-based cleaning agent

It is mainly some inorganic alkali or carbonate with strong partial alkali, such as sodium hydroxide solution, potassium carbonate, aluminum silicate, polyphosphate, etc. It has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection and low cost of economic development.

However, because the water-based cleaning agent has a single component, weak reliability, and complicated processing technology under the micro-heating standard, the actual cleaning effect is worse than that of organic solvents, which is more suitable for general popularization cleaning work.

In addition, at the level of wastewater solution, aqueous cleaning agent wastewater must be solved according to some unique solutions before it can achieve national industry standards. Jiangxi Ruisibo New Material Co., Ltd. specializes in the productionHigh-end industrial cleaning agent manufacturers, with research and developmentHigh-end cleaning agentTechnical strength, can be customized according to customer needsHigh-end cleaning agent. Welcome customers to consult.