Which is the best industrial cleaning agent manufacturer in Guangdong Province?

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industrial cleaning agent factory in guangdong province which is good?

Industrial cleaning agentIt refers to the organic chemical or biological products used to remove dirt in industrial production. With the slow development trend of my country's economy, industrial production has also received more and more attention, and the regulations on industrial production have become higher and higher. Green manufacturing has long become an indispensable work for industrial development, and daily industrial production cleaning is indispensable. Therefore, many manufacturing enterprises must fully understand the better marketCleaning agentThe secret recipe.

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Industrial cleaning agentCommon surfactants: positive ion surfactants/cationic surfactants/sexual surfactants/non-positive ion surfactants, general low foam plasticsCleaning agentCommon non-positive ion surfactants.

Industrial cleaning agent-History of Development

1, chlorine organic solvents (harm to health)

2, nitrogen oxide organic solvents (must be explosion-proof type of the current policy)

3. Application of water-soluble cleaning agent for page surfactants (increased cost of cleaning wastewater)

4. Strong alkaline electrolyzed water produced by strong alkaline electrolyzed water machinery equipment (without all compounds, no environmental protection working pressure)

1. the efficacy of industrial cleaning agents

1, can increase the use period;

2, can reduce the dirt block, improve industrial production efficiency;

3, can improve the quality and characteristics of goods;

4, is conducive to the maintenance of equipment, machinery and equipment, can maintain the characteristics of the surface of raw materials, to ensure the implementation of the production and manufacturing process afterwards.

5. Reduce production and manufacturing safety accidents, avoid the production process and machinery and equipment caused by dirt, cause various safety accidents, and ensure safety is beneficial to health.

2. cleaning method

So before industrial production cleaning, be sure to master the cleaning target, master the raw material characteristics of the cleaning target, analyze the cause of cleaning dirt, the type of dirt, can choose different cleaning methods.

3.Industrial cleaning agentthe selection

1. If the target of cleaning is to evaporate quickly and have the provisions of anti-rust treatment, industrial cleaning agents using organic solvents can be considered. If it is stipulated that the cleaning cost is low, the evaporation of the cleaning is not stipulated, and the anti-rust treatment is not sensitive, the water-based industrial cleaning agent can be used.

2. This is also paid attention to when using industrial cleaning agents. If a water-based cleaning agent is cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning machine, it is not particularly sensitive to foam plastic regulations, while spray infiltration will have regulations on foam plastic. The regulations are low-foaming deoiling and deoiling cleaning agents.

3, after cleaning is not the provisions of anti-rust treatment, water-based cleaning agent if it does not have the role of anti-rust treatment to accelerate the corrosion of metal composite materials, because after cleaning the surface of the protective layer removed will accelerate the rust.

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