Demand analysis of oil extraction cleaning and chemical cleaning industry

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Demand Analysis of 1. Oil Exploitation Cleaning Industry


In recent years, with the continuous growth of technology and the improvement of production efficiency, as well as the protection of the environment. importance, cleaner production in our lives has become increasingly prominent in the important position. Cleaner production refers to the continuous adoption Improved design, use of clean energy and raw materials, use of advanced process technology and equipment, improved management, comprehensive Measures such as joint utilization to reduce pollution at the source, improve resource utilization efficiency, reduce or avoid production and services. and the production and discharge of pollutants during the use of products to reduce or eliminate hazards to human health and the environment.withCompared with "pollution first, then treatment", cleaner production not only has good environmental benefits, but also can beAbout production costs, improve resource utilization efficiency, improve the working environment, improve management level, etc., to create for enterprises. economic and social benefits.


2. Demand Analysis of Chemical Cleaning Industry


At present, China's urban consumers as a whole so far, the utilization rate is less 2%, then the gap is very largeLarge, compared to the potential of traditional home appliances and building materials projects is very large, the future development trend of industrial cleaning agents is one.A new force.;At the same time, industry experts predict that in the next few years, China's chemical market will form a thousandBillions of scale. According to the chemical market professional investigators analysis, domestic industrial cleaning agent brand is very much, really fuckThere are few brands in the market. Although the international industrial cleaning agent brand has many development advantages, it is not cheapThe price, it is difficult to attract many consumers, the overall industrial cleaning agent in the market around the industrial cleaning agent tenThe formation of a complete system for big brands can make more operators have very few prospects.

In fact, the industrial cleaning agent industry must also face such a problem, that is, consumers of industrialThe understanding of cleaning agents may not change much in the short term, and this phenomenon may continueTo three years, because the majority of consumers to accept industrial cleaning agent products or have a certain time difference.