Development Status of Automobile Cleaning Industry

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Car cleaning is divided into two kinds of ordinary cleaning and fine washing. Ordinary car washing is the traditional sense of manual car washing and tunnel car washing, because of its low cost, simple operation, so by many riders of all ages.
The other is car fine washing technology, which comes from Europe, so it is also called "car European fine washing", which was introduced into China at the end of 2010. Car fine washing refers to the cleaning of the inside and outside of the car, which is more detailed and cleaner than traditional car washing. Car washing is a problem that every car owner or driver often has to face, and car washing shops have gradually become a hot investment project in many large and medium-sized cities.
Car fine washing is one of the main technical projects in the car washing industry because of its good service, many steps, perfect equipment and high cost, which leads to a slightly higher price.
There are many differences between car washing and traditional car washing. First of all, car washing uses treated soft water instead of ordinary tap water. Even the flannel that wipes the body is used separately due to different body parts.

Car fine washing also uses FIRST-CLASS first-class chassis high-pressure rotary cleaning agent and tornado interior fine washing equipment to carry out all-round fine washing of the vehicle chassis, engine, wheel hub, inner cage, air conditioning port, trunk and other parts. When washing the paint surface, wiping the interior, wiping the door frame and clear parts such as the engine and wheel hub, the corresponding parts use special towels of different colors to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria. Deer skin and acid-free cleaning solution are used for glass washing, and the deep protection of the paint surface adopts the crystal plating protection technology of German Reka Nano car paint.
Finally, the car should be cleaned in a high-temperature sauna, and the inner cage of the car should be thoroughly disinfected and deodorized by the tornado equipment. After a series of treatment, your car will be a new look.
There is a huge demand in the car cleaning and maintenance market. Like the human body, the car can be regarded as its own body when maintaining a car. The respiratory system and skin must be checked. Listen to the suggestions of car washing and maintenance experts and car maintenance experts.