Ultra-precision industrial cleaning market analysis

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(1) Overview of market development

At present, microelectronics technology has developed to the level of nano-technology, and a 90-nanometer production line is already under construction. Wavelength division multiplexing optoelectronic devices (DWDM), which are widely used in communication equipment, have a resolution to accurately separate and identify different wavelengths of light. The cleaning of such products should reach a near perfect level, and the diameter of the residual dirt should be about 0.1nm, which is difficult to observe by ordinary electron microscope. Ultra-precision industrial cleaning must be carried out in a super-purified environment, requiring the use of ultra-high purity cleaning agents and DI water (deionized water), as well as advanced cleaning equipment. In addition to some simple equipment, there is no enterprise in China that can provide such technology and equipment, basically relying on imports.
(2) Main cleaning areas

In the development zones all over the country, for a long time, the protagonist is definitely the electronic information industry. Most of the new projects and development priorities are electronic products, accompanied by the transfer of foreign enterprises to the domestic production and processing base. There will be a large number of new or expanded electronics factories and production lines this year, requiring a large number of cleaning equipment. The proportion of ultra-precision industrial cleaning equipment and high value-added equipment is gradually increasing, with key areas including communications products, computers and components, semiconductors, liquid crystals and optoelectronic products.

(3) Technical requirements for cleaning

Ultra-precision industrial fine cleaning includes ultra-precision cleaning of mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components, etc. in the process of precision industrial production, with the aim of eliminating extremely small dirt particles.
(4) Future development prospects

The alternative cleaning agent project supported by the international grant will start construction in the international compliance environmental protection industrial park. However, the market for cleaning agents remains chaotic. CFC-113 production has been cut by another 650 tons, and the purchase of CFC-113 still needs to apply for a license. The market gap will be even greater, so prices are likely to rise further. And there may be underground illegal production plants, all kinds of cleaning agents under the banner of "environmental protection" flood the market, fish eyes mixed beads, some illegal products are very deceptive. The possibility of explosions, collective poisoning and other vicious incidents, the need to cause the relevant units to attach great importance. Cleaning Association will be in accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments of the state, the organization of all ODS alternative cleaning agent test analysis, determine the use of norms and safety conditions, regulate ODS alternative cleaning agent market.