General Industrial Cleaning Market Analysis

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1. General Industrial Cleaning Market Analysis

(1) Overview of market development

By buying a few barrels of acid, alkali, cleaning agent and a few brushes, rags, you can contract equipment cleaning and industrial cleaning projects, and earn high profits. Now all kinds of requirements are more and more demanding, before cleaning waste liquid can be directly poured into the sewer, now must be carried out three waste treatment. Thousands of cleaning companies across the country are facing increasingly fierce market competition.
Some small companies will likely go out of business and some will turn to civilian cleaning. The general industrial cleaning field will move towards branding, specialization, and standardization. Manual cleaning will gradually be replaced by high-tech equipment, and some high-efficiency special cleaning equipment will be promoted. This year, live cleaning and cleaning of tall buildings will be the highlight.
(2) Main cleaning areas

General industrial cleaning includes the cleaning of the surfaces of vehicles, ships and airplanes, which can only remove relatively large dirt. Precision industrial cleaning includes cleaning in the processing of various products, cleaning of various materials and equipment surfaces, etc., characterized by being able to remove tiny dirt particles. Ultra-precision industrial fine cleaning includes ultra-precision cleaning of mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components, etc. in the process of precision industrial production, to eliminate very small dirt particles for the purpose.

(3) Market development trend

With the advancement of technology, new, environmentally friendly, efficient and has unique advantages of physical cleaning, such as high-pressure water jet cleaning, PIG cleaning, pulse cleaning, dry ice cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and laser cleaning will occupy the main position in China's cleaning industry, its prospects must be bright. The research and development of new green chemical cleaning technology, the realization of the cleaning process of fine, functional, integrated direction, the development of high efficiency, low cost, green environmental protection, the realization of the process of non-cleaning, non-dismantling or online cleaning is the future development direction of chemical cleaning. In order to further carry out cleaning effectively, it is necessary to develop cleaning software, on the basis of expert system decision cleaning scheme, gradually establish mathematical model and program system software, in the computer processing will easily determine the best cleaning scheme, cleaning agent formula and waste liquid discharge treatment method.