Industrial cleaning agent industry development trend

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Industrial cleaning agent industry is a branch of the petrochemical and chemical industry, and it is an important auxiliary industry to serve industrial production and manufacturing. But over the years, China's industrial cleaning agent industry development technology is still lagging behind foreign countries. Whether it is large-scale cleaning equipment or industrial cleaning solvents, they are mainly introduced from abroad. However, as the Chinese government has gradually begun to pay attention to environmental protection and is committed to improving air quality, some companies that focus on the production and research of environmentally friendly industrial cleaning agents have found development opportunities.
1. industry demand analysis

The demand for cleaning agents and cleaning equipment in various industries is still strong, and the following hot markets are formed:

① Electronic information field

Development zones across the country, for a long time, the protagonist is definitely the electronic information industry. New projects and development focus, mostly electronic products, along with foreign enterprises will be the production and processing base to the domestic transfer. There will be a large number of new or expanded electronics factories and production lines this year, requiring a large number of cleaning equipment. The proportion of ultra-precision industrial cleaning equipment and high value-added equipment is gradually increasing. Key areas include: communications products, computers and components. Semiconductors. Liquid crystal and optoelectronic products.
② Car

Huge market demand. It has led to the rapid development of China's automobile industry, which is in sharp contrast to the recession in other parts of the world. Now automakers all over the world are eager to set up factories in China. Some parts manufacturers also a large number of domestic, wholly-owned, joint venture factory. The production of automobiles and parts generally requires precision cleaning agents. New requirements are put forward for cleaning technology and cleaning equipment.
③ Medical devices

Medical devices such as syringes, surgical knives, etc. must not only be precisely cleaned during the production process. through human experimentation. The injection needle is a deep and thin empty wash. It is very difficult, and it is usually cleaned with Freon. In the end, it is necessary to use fluorine as a dispersant to evenly cover the surface of the needle with a layer of silicone oil to reduce the pain when the needle pierced the skin. Control of CFC-113 use and reduction of consumption. To the country more than 100 such production enterprises caused a survival crisis. Up to now, there is no ideal alternative technology and supporting equipment, and the time to stop using the CFC-113 is running out. There is an urgent need for units with experience and strength in this area to come forward. Solve this problem this year and come up with alternative technologies and equipment that are in line with China's national conditions. This year, such enterprises will use grants from the industry plan to carry out alternative transformation and purchase equipment through bidding. There will also be some companies forced by market pressure to transform themselves. Now CFC-113 not only can not just buy. The price is several times what it used to be.

④ Optics

Various optical products and components, such as camera lenses. Large screen rear projection TV lens. Slide projectors, projector lenses, etc. are still in strong demand, and there will be a number of new or expanded companies this year. These products have high requirements for cleaning equipment. Technology and equipment suitable for optical cleaning can be rewarded handsomely.

⑤ Small equipment

China has a variety of annual consumption of cleaning agent in the following 3 tons of enterprises, that is, cleaning agent small consumer users about 6 thousand to 10000. According to