What are the precision cleaning equipment?

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The main cleaning technologies used in precision cleaning equipment include ultrasonic cleaning and plate cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is the current mainstream cleaning technology, the main use of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid, acceleration and straight into the role of liquid and dirt direct, indirect action, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, stripping and cleaning purposes. Ultrasonic cleaning efficiency, high cleanliness, cleaning does not leave dead ends, especially in the cleaning of irregular, complex shape surface parts and deep holes, blind holes and slits in the dirt is more obvious.
Ultrasonic cleaning is not only used in traditional industries such as watches, automobiles, home appliances, hardware, equipment and machinery manufacturing, but also widely used in emerging high-tech industries such as semiconductors and components, flat panel displays, and aerospace. With the progress of ultrasonic technology, ultrasonic cleaning technology has a trend of diversified application of frequency. The emergence of megahertz-level high-frequency cleaning technology enables cleaning equipment to remove ultrafine dirt particles as small as a few tenths of a micron on the surface of parts without hurting the surface of parts. This technology is widely used in the precision cleaning of ultra-large-scale semiconductor chips, silicon wafers, ceramics and other special objects, in addition, the emergence of low-frequency, multi-frequency cleaning technology and sweep frequency, frequency modulation cleaning technology has also promoted the development of ultrasonic cleaning technology.
Plate cleaning mainly refers to the use of roller/disc scrubbing, ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure spray cleaning and other ways to clean the flat thin glass plate. At present, it is mainly used in TFT-LCD, touch screen, photovoltaic, automotive glass and other production fields. Compared with ultrasonic cleaning, plate cleaning has obvious efficiency advantage in cleaning large area flat glass. The flat plate cleaning technology shows a trend towards the development of high generation line, that is, the size of the cleaning object glass is getting larger and larger.

The technical level of precision cleaning equipment is mainly reflected in:

1, the comprehensive use of cleaning technology;

2. According to the requirements of different customers for cleaning technology and production lines, targeted design and manufacturing are carried out. This requires manufacturers to use electrical technology, mechanical technology and other technical categories. This is a long-term technology accumulation process.