What is needed for industrial cleaning equipment

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1. Industrial Cleaning Equipment Definition

Nowadays, industrial special cleaning equipment is mainly ultrasonic cleaning machine. It is characterized by the use of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid, acceleration effect and direct flow effect on the liquid and dirt direct and indirect effect, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, stripped to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The current use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation and straight into the flow of the role of more applications.
Classification of 2. industrial cleaning equipment

1. High-pressure cleaning machine. That's what the head said, for washing cars. Use high pressure to spray water out, strong to sludge. Not only can you wash the car, many dirt heavier objects can also be cleaned;
2. Ultrasonic cleaning machine. The high frequency of ultrasonic wave is converted into kinetic energy through the transducer and then acts on the surface of the object through the liquid medium. Under the impact of high frequency, the dirt on the surface is separated, so as to achieve the cleaning effect. This cleaning method is to put the object into the cleaning tank, its advantage is that it can be cleaned in batches, and does not leave dead corners, comprehensive and meticulous in place. Mainly used for hardware, electronics, optics, jewelry, laboratory and other industries smaller objects surface cleaning.
3. Dry ice cleaning machine. Suitable for surface cleaning of larger equipment and parts, such as molds, automobiles, ships, rubber, plastics and other industries. Its working principle is to spray high-pressure air and dry ice particles onto the surface of the object, and wash away the dirt on the surface of the object under the dual pressure of high pressure and freezing.
4. Floor heating cleaning machine. Also called geothermal cleaning machine, mainly used to clean the geothermal pipeline. The automatic pulse geothermal cleaning machine uses the combination of gas, water and electromagnetic pulse to convert the internal vortex power into kinetic energy, and carries out high-speed movement in the form of tiny molecules, through the heat energy, kinetic energy and electromagnetic pulse in the operation process. The dirt in the tube wall is decomposed and washed out of the tube with water molecules to achieve the function of cleaning machine.