Development Trend of Cleaning Agents in the Future

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With the construction of China's resource-saving and environment-friendly society and the increasing efforts of the Chinese government to "energy saving and emission reduction", insisting on environmental cleaning to reduce pollution emissions has become a long-term goal for the sustainable development of China's cleaning industry. Only by continuously developing and using new environmentally friendly cleaning technologies and products can we continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprises and create the highest benefits. Our country is building new projects and product lines everywhere, and is gradually becoming a "world processing plant". The huge market demand provides a rapid development opportunity for industrial cleaning equipment manufacturers and professional cleaning agent production suppliers.
There are about 4000 cleaning products manufacturers, distributors and agents in China. The number of end users of cleaning products for industrial and commercial purposes has reached 5 million, excluding the cleaning products used by hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens. The output value of industrial cleaning agents is estimated at 20 billion yuan, while the total investment of foreign manufacturers in China is currently about 3 billion yuan. China has a potential market demand of 300 billion yuan per year for professional cleaning.
There are many opportunities and the competition is fierce. Under the implementation of the new environmental protection law, the market for environmentally friendly cleaning agents will only become larger and larger. However, due to the high standards of emissions in the environmental protection law, how to customize the corresponding products according to the needs of customers will become a problem that enterprises will focus on solving in the future.

Demand Forecast of Cleaning Agent Industry

In the highly competitive market environment, the reshuffle in the industry is inevitable. Industrial cleaning agent manufacturers also need to increase research and development efforts, increase investment in science and technology, make full use of network information resources, research and development of serialization, personalized, functional, integrated green environmental protection cleaning agent products. In the future, industrial cleaning agents will be environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, do not affect the health of employees, good chemical stability and thermal stability, and good compatibility with cleaning objects; low surface tension, low viscosity, high cleaning rate, simple follow-up treatment, Low cost direction.
With the progress of fine organic synthesis technology, biotechnology and detection technology, chemical cleaning agents will develop in the direction of molecular design and become green industrial cleaning agents with biodegradability and enzyme catalysis. Neutral or weakly acidic organic compounds will replace strong alkali, strong acid; linear organic compounds and plant extracts will replace aromatic compounds; phosphorus-free, fluorine-free cleaning agents will replace phosphorus-containing fluorine-containing cleaning agents; biodegradable environmentally friendly cleaning agents will replace difficult to decompose heavy pollution cleaning agents. In terms of cleaning additives, more attention will be paid to the role of catalysts, promoters and strippers, and make them non-toxic and low-dose; special high-efficiency, green and environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors will also be developed under special conditions. Chemical cleaning technology will also gradually expand its scope of application.